What is a Dedicated Server Its types And Its Pros and Cons

  Every businessman have a target to expand there business and the basic necessity here is to move it to online. And whenever you are trying to launch your website first things that comes in your mind is how will you host your website? Well, you will either choose shared or dedicated server for your website.

Well when we say about the selection of Web Hosting, this will effects on your performance and speed of your website.

And finding a secure, reliable and faster web hosting service is a technical task. Well our advice is to choose dedicated server if you are running an exterprise-level business or we can also say a high-traffic website.

And your website performance basically shows the reliability of your business. So it is always better to choose reliable and appropriate web hosting providers to host your websites.

"WorldWide, we have over 330,000 web hosting providers."
Dedicated hosting servers are EXORBITANT powerful and most reliable when we compared this with other types of web hosting. If you have selected the dedicated servers, you will get 100% access to all the resources present on that server, which service may include CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and Disk Space.

And if you are new to dedicate hosting and you are looking for some more information to learn about it, you are on write blog. And and this post we will discuss below points:-

  • (1)What do you mean by Dedicated Server
  • (2)Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server hosting
  • (3)Types of Dedicated Servers and more

If you are ready to jump into details. Well now start?

   What is Dedicated  

Table of Contents

What do you mean by Dedicated Server?
Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting
Types of Dedicated Server
Who needs dedicated hosting?
How to Choose the Right Dedicated Server Plan?
FAQs on dedicated server hosting
Final thoughts on Dedicated Servers

  What is a Dedicated Server Its types And Its Pros and Cons  
  Dedicate Server Data  

  (1)What do you mean by Dedicated Server?  
  In simplest way we can say that, a dedicated server is web hosting service where you will rent out an entire server which is not shared with anyone else.

Well we can also say, a shared service like a apartment where multiple family stay there. But dedicated server is like an independent house, where you and your family stay there with you.

One of the main reason behind the dedicated server is that: you have a complete control over server and secuirty system of that server. But additional to that you have more control over storage space and different resources like RAM, CPU, Banwidth etc.
  Shared Dedicated hosting  
  If you have high-traffic website or business then full control on server is extremly important point.

(2)Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting
  Let's have some important Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting

Pros of dedicated hosting:-

  • (1)You will have 100% complete control over the server's software and hardware both.
  • (2)You need not to share the server resources with others which includes Ram, Storage Space, Bandwidth etc.
  • (3)Most reliable performance as you need not to share your server with others, which will improves the performance of your website.
  • (4)Well another feature of Dedicated Server is that, these server are more powerful than the shared hosting servers. And these servers can handle more traffic and offer you superior website loading times when we compare this with shared hosting.
"As per the survey top 100 ecommerce websites have an average page load speed of 2.51 seconds. And the Fastest of those loads is 0.457 seconds."
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  • (5)Well when we say about the technology and hardware, these days most of the dedicated server use the latest hardware like a solid state drive(SSD) rather than a standard hard drive (HDD). As when we compare SSD with HDD, SSD servers are much faster than the rest.
  • (6)As you are the owner you can customize a dedicated server as per your need. And you can change the server settings according to your website needs.
  • (7)As you have the full control you can change the server setup, you can add new applications and modify resources whenever you want.
  • (8)In dedicated server, you have a Higher level of secuirty, as you have exclusive access to entire server.
"On a average 30,000 sites are hacked every day."
  • (9)You will get priority customer support when you opt for dedicated hosting services.
  • (10)Mostly there are two types of Operating system which are used to power your server which can be Linux which is an open source server and the second is windows server. The choice of OS totally depends upon the applications which need to be used for running a particular program.


Cons of dedicated hosting:-

  • (1)When we say about the cost for Dedicated Server, it is more expensive than shared servers. And it is not recommended if your website have less than 100K visitors per month.
  • (2)Well you need some technical skill or knowledge to install, configure, maintain and oeprate a dedicated server.
  • (3)We need more maintenance for Dedicated Server when we compare this with shared server.
  • (4)In dedicated server hosting, you are responsible to secure your server. Which means you have to install all secuirty related sofeatre application like antivirus, firewalls etc.
  Dedicated Disadvantage  

  (3)Types of Dedicated Server  
  Below are the 3 major types of dedicated servers:-

(i)Entry-level dedicated servers(LowCost)
(ii)Business-level dedicated servers
(iii)High-performance dedicated servers (Enterprise)

Now discuss the above three dedicated server types:-

(i)Entry-level dedicated servers(LowCost)

Price-Estimation:- Between $99 to $199 for each month

Well this type of server are best for small business or have a low traffic businesses. And it is also best choice for onwers who need there own dedicated server for the better secuirty and performance.

Hardware Specifications:-

CPU:- 4-6 cores
RAM:- 16-32 GB
Disk Space:- 1-2 TB
Bandwidth:- 100Mbps - 1Gbps

(ii)Business-level dedicated servers

Price-Estimation:-Between $149 to $399 for each month

Well this type of server are best for medium to large businesses with having a high traffic websites. And these server are best if you running multiple websites on the same server.

Hardware Specifications:-

CPU:- 8-12 cores
RAM:- 32-64 GB
Disk Space:- 2-4 TB
Bandwidth:- 1 Gbps-10 Gbps

(iii)High-performance dedicated servers (Enterprise)
Price-Estimation:- Between $399 to $999 for each month

Well this type of server are best for large businesses with huge information. And this server is best for businesses which manage multiple high-traffic websites on the same server.

Hardware Specifications:-

CPU:- 16-32 cores
RAM:- 64-128 GB
Disk Space:- 4-8 TB
Bandwidth:- 10 Gbps-100 Gbps

Other than above server we have also categorized some more dedicated server as given below:-

(iv)Gaming Servers
(v)Database Servers
(vi)Streaming Servers and many more

  (4)Who needs dedicated hosting?  
  Any of high-traffic website or large business you need some good dedicated hosting servers. And Dedicated hosting is best choice for big eCommerce stores website, vidoe streaming websites, High Scale games, email servers etc.

Below are the certain condition when you need dedicated server:-    
  • (i)When you need fastest processing speeds
  • (ii)When you need Enterprise-level security with security firewalls
  • (iii)When you need more storage space for your website and applications
  • (iv)When you need expert customer support for 24/7/365
  • (v)When you need 100% access to and control of a server and all of its resources


As we have already define, dedicated servers are best suited for large businesses or high-traffic websites which need lots of storage space, process sensitive data, and bulletproof security.


(5)How to Choose the Right Dedicated Server Plan?

  Well we have already define that dedicated servers gives you complete control over the server and its resources too. And you need not to worry about to share this with anyone else.

So, if you have decided to go for dedicated server hosting, what do you need to consider?

Below are the some important points which need to consider when you are choosing a dedicated server plan:-

  • (i)Plan your needs:-Well first thing you need to consider is what type of website you will hosting on the server. And how much traffic will you expect in day or in a month? Once you plan your needs, you can consider various servers. Always makes sure to look at the specs of the server. And you should also pay attention to amount of CPU cores, RAM, and Space that each plan offers.


  • (ii)BandWidth:-Well when we say about the BandWidth, it is determines how much data you transfer per second. If you have a high-traffic then you need a server with much high bandwidth to transfer large files.


  • (iii)Processing Power:-Well server processing power determines how fast server can handle requests. And you will need a high-performance server with powerful processor if you have a high traffic website.


  • (iv)Secuirty:-Well dedicated server provide a wide range of secuirty features. And these are likes DDos protection, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Always choose a provider which offers a security features which you need.


  • (v)RAM or Memory:-Well the server memory determines how much data it can store at once. And if you need to store a lot of data, then you will need a server with lot of memory. And if Ram is high then you get a fast spped for your files load.

And before buying this always make sure that to compare prices, Dedicated servers from different web hosts cost differently. And try to choose the web host who has been in hosting business from several years and have a good reputation.

  FAQs on dedicated server hosting  
  Below are most commonly questions asked on dedicated server hosting.  
Q1:-When should we choose dedicated hosting?

Well, Dedicated hosting is extremely beneficial for high-traffic, big agencies and large businesses websites.

Q2:-What is main difference in between Shared and Dedicated hosting?

Well shared hosting is cheaper and much slower when we compared this with dedicated hosting. And in dedicated hosting you will get superior performance, speed and lots of storage.

Q3:-What are the disadvantages of dedicated hosting?

Well you may need technical expertise to manage and run a dedicated server. Much more expensive than other types of hosting types. And you need more maintenance for dedicated server. Need lots of your time to manage dedicated hosting.

Q4:-Is dedicated hosting worth it?

Well dedicated hosting is worth for you if you have high traffic volumne and not best if you have traffic less then 50K monthly.

Q5:-When should I use dedicated hosting?

Well if you want more RAM, Secuirty, and storage with your own isloated server. Dedicated hosting is your best choice for you.

  Final thoughts on Dedicated Servers  
  Well Well, dedicated hosting is the best choice for high-traffic websites and best for large businesses. And you should make sure to consider some silent features of dedicated hosting are RAM, CPU cores, Storage space etc.

You must consider dedicated servers from reputed and reliable web hosting providers.

If you have suggestions or questions on dedicated hosting. You must put your comments or questions below.

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