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In below post you will discover amazing Google search stats as given below:-


(1)Most searched thing on Google

(2)Number of searches on Google per day

(3)Google market share

(4)Google searches CTR

(5)Google seach count per month

(6)Number of voice search queries

(7)And many more....


My recommendation is to use Google Trends to figure out the Live real time Google Search statistics.


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Google Search Statistics


Google Search Statistics You Need to Know in 2023


Below are the list of Google Search facts, trends and data update for year 2023:-


(1)Most number of user visited site is Google and number in August 2023 85.6 Billion Time (Source:-Similarweb)


(2)Term "Google" is searched 7.6 Million times montly (Source:-Ahrefs)


(3)Google is deemed as biggest Search Engine with market share if 91.85% in August 2023 (Source:-StatCounter)


(4)When we say about the searches on Google per day is 8.5 Billion (Source:-Internet Live Stats, 2023)


(5)Google Per Second Searches is 99000 Approximately (Source:-Internet Live Stats, August 2023)


(6)When we say about the yearly searches on Google, that us 2 Trillion + (Source:-SearchEngineLand)


(7)Google Lens Search Queries have reached 8 Billion Montly(Source:-Google)


(8)Google intake Biggest share in Mobile Searches USA - 96.6% (Source:-Statista, Oct 2022)


(9)Google spoon Biggest share in Mobile Searches Worldwide March 2023: 96.17% (Source:-Statista, Mar 2023)


(10)Mobile Devices Dominate Google Search Traffic: 60%+ (Source:-Markelenic, 2023)


(11)Google 2nd Page Search Results CTR is Poor: 0.63% (Source:-BackLinko)


(12)Google Search Result Average CTR: 27.6% BackLinko


(13)5 most trending searches on Google 2023 is :- YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Whether (Source:-Google Trends Global, 2023)


(14)5 Trending Searches on Google, 2022 are: Wordle, India vs England, Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, Ind vs SA (Source:-Google Trends Global, 2022)


(15)Covid is Rank #1 Trending Search on Google, 2022 (Source:-Google Trends Global, 2020)


  Google Search Engine  

(16)Google Search Index Size Cross 100 Billion GB (Source:-Google)


(17)Most serch on Google is done by Brazil 97.77% (Source:-StatCounter, 2023 )


(18)China is at lower level to use Google searches as 6.69% (Source:-StatCounter, 2023)


(19)India have market share of Google search is 98.48% (Source:-StatCounter)


(20)When we say about the average length of Google Searches includes 2 keywords (Source:-BackLinko, Statista)


(21)Google Encountered 20% of New Search Queries Every Year Internet (Source:-Search Statistics, 2023)


(22)When we say about the Google Search Ads where is ratio of 69% from mobile devices (Source:-eMarketer)


(23)When we compare Local Google Search Queries there is almost 250% of growth which is quite massive (Source:-Google)


(24)Google Search Numbers yearly Growth is approx 10-15% (Source:-Internet Search Statistics)


(25)65% of Searchers Likely to Click Google Organic Results (Source:-Backlinko Study)


(26)90.63% of Sites Which Never Appeared in Google Search Results are Huge (Source:-Ahrefs Study)


(27)Amazon Originates (61%) 2x product searches than Google (Source:-InsiderIntelligence)


(28)In Year 2021 most searched person in Google Search Engine is "Alec Baldwin" (Source:-Google Trends, 2021)


(29)In Year 2022 most searched person in Google Search Engine is "Johny Depp" (Source:-Google Trends, 2021)


(30)In year 2022 most searched keyword is "YouTube" on Google and count is 3.16 Billion Times (Source:-SimilarWeb)


  Google Search Percentage


(31)50% Of Google searchs will not recives any clicks (Source:-SearchEngineLand)


(32)When we say about the Long Tail Keywords will have 91.8% of total searched queries of Google (Source:-Backlinko)


(33)4 most common question keywords are How, What , Where and who (Source:-Backlinko)


(34)14% of all Google Searches starts with a "Question" (Source:-Backlinko)


(35)When we say about the Image packs in Google search is 19.4% (Source:-BackLinko)


(36)When we say about the Video Results in Google Search it is 17.9% (Source:-Backlinko)


(37)The Average % of People Also Ask in Google Search is 19.5% (Source:-Backlinko)


(38)The Average % of Top Stories in Google Search is 15.5% (Source:-Backlinko)


(39)When we say about the Paid Ads in Google Search. There is chance of 63% of receiving clicks (


(40)90.3% of webpages get 0 traffic from Google search (Source:-Ahrefs)


(41)Daily Average Time Users Spent on Goolge is on a average is 21 Minutes (Source:-Statista)


(42)There is 27% of voice searches held globally on Google (Source:-Google(Year 2023))


(43)Google Images Searches have increased by 60% in the past 2 years (Source:-Google(Year 2023))


(44)When we say about the Shoppers on Google 49% of user try search for new products (Source:-Google (Year 2023))


(45)46% of Product Searches Begin on Google (Source:-InsiderIntelligence)


  Google Search Map  


(46)Google Feature Snippet Appeared Search Result Produce Highest CTR - 42.9% (Source:-FirstPageSage)


(47)Google Search holds 84% of Global Market Share of Desktop Search Engine Traffic (Source:-Statista, 2023)


(48)When we say about the Web Page of Google First Page is 3 years old (Source:-Ahref)


(49)There are more then 60 Billion Web page has been indexed in Google Search so far (


(50)When we say about the Local Businesses or Services there is 46% of searches done on Google (Source:-SearchEngineRoundTable)


(51)There is 30% of Mobile Google Serahces are Location Specific (Source:-Google(Year 2023))


(52)When we say about searches in 2020 it is increased by 22% as of its previous year (Source:-DataReportal)


(53)97.6% of Google Searches Included SERP Feature (Source:-Backlinko)


(54)About 12.3% of Google Search Queries Shows Featured Snippet (Source:-Ahrefs Study)


(55)10% of Google Search Traffic is Booked by Google Image Search (Source:-Crunch)


(56)84% of Searchers use Google 3-5 Times on a Daily Basis (Source:-Moz)





  Google Trends - Real Time Live Google Search Statistics  
  Below are the most discover Google Search Metrics

(1)The most trending Google Search in last 24 hours
(2)Daily Search Trends
(3)Real TIme Search trends in various countries
(4)Trending searches by filter like State, Country and Year
(5)Different category wise trends like news, people, athletes, diets, movies, home-style searches, and more
(6)Shopping Trends
(7)YouTube Trends
(8)Seasonal Trends
(9)The popularity of the search term or niche category over a year
(10)And many more

To get above all category information, there is tool available in market and name of tool is Google Trends. It is free tool of Google. All of the data mentioned above can be easily extracted with this amazing trend analysis tool.

Google Trends is one of the useful tools and it helps for marketers, bloggers, companies, and brands. Most of the bloggers have used data to increase traffics as well as add some more earnings. We can also say that it is one of the best search tips to find out the hot topics for content creation.

Below screen will give you some trending topics example from the tool:-

  Google Trend Tool  
Process to extract data from Google Trends is very easy. Below are the point for that

(1)Navigate to Explore tab
(2)Inserting a Google search term
(3)Configure Location, Time Period, Category, and Search Type.

  Google Trend Filter  
You can also get value from Google Trends like Web trends, YouTube Trends, News Trends, and Shopping trends as well.

And from the “Trending Now” tab, you can discover the Google search real time and daily trending stats and data.
  Google Trend Now  
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