Top 15 Points to Get Faster Approval of Google Adsense Account

Date:-10 Feb 2022 WrittenBy:- Rajeev Chugh

Google AdSense is ad network which is used by blogger/website owner to earn money. This is one of the best earning platform to earn money. Due to some strict policy of Google AdSense it is not easy to get approval faster. You should take care of 15 below point to get faster approval faster :-

  Google Adsense  
  (1)Try to use Custom domain
Always try to buy a paid custom domain. When you purchase any of the custom domain from different vendors it is quite easy to get approval. And if you are using a free blogger then it will take more time to get approval for your AdSense Account. And usually end of Custom domain is (.com,.in, .org) combined with your selected name of domain.
  Custom Domain  
  (2)Check Domain Age
You must take care of domain age before applying for AdSense account. And this is advice for you that domain age should be more then 2-3 months. If your domain is less the 15 days it is being rejected by Google. Nowadays google has change some policy and it should approve your account if your website is 1 month older.
  Domain Age  
  (3)Must have important page
Always try to add important pages to your websites before applying for AdSense account. It will play useful role while in approval process for AdSense . And name of these important pages are About-us, Contact-us, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions and disclaimer page. And there are number of tools available in market to create this page. One of the sample website to create this is Policy Generator.
  Important Pages  
  (4)Must take care of Content
As per my search it is advisable to you that you should have at-least 30 articles in your websites. And Article must be at-least 1000 words long. And try to publish these 30 articles on daily basis(one by one). Google must take care of different caching data so always try to add articles on different dates.
  Content Data  
  (5)Try to add content on Trending Topics
If you need a faster approval for AdSense account you must do a research on trending topics nowadays in market. And it is my advice to knows the keyword research techniques and this will helps you select latest trending topics. And to choose the better topic by searching the content on google. And if content is very less available on google then you can choose that topic.
  Trending Topic  
  (6)Try to Add Original Content
Google is always hungry for original/unique high quality content. If you have a unique and high quality content it will place your website on its first page as par rank. Try to avoid to place a copy content on your websites as this will create a problem in approving AdSense account. Try to write your topic own and this will improve your writing skill too.

(7)Write some Good Article
Try to add some good article an different website available in market for article this will helps you to get approval faster. Try to write on some new topics another wise you article is get low value content error.
  Good Articles  
  (8)Add Website to Google Search Console
This is a tool created by google this will helps you to crawl your page if it is new. You must verify your website/blog on Google Search Console. Google will note down your blog indexing if doesn’t have any issue.
  Google Search Console  
  (9)Try to Add Sitemap of Web-page
Try to create a sitemap for your websites. As google will crawl your website briefly. It is one of the important point to get approval for Google AdSense .
  (10)Frequently add Content or articles
Try to add new content/article on daily basis. As your frequently data submission will helps your website to improve rank and indexing in Google. Try to fix a proper time to add content on daily basis.
  Frquest Content Add
  (11)Minimum Post to Apply AdSense
Try to add minimum 30-40 post of 1000 word each on daily basis. And try to index all of the pages in google which you have added in your websites. This will be great help for you if you follow all above instruction.

(12)Remove or Fix Broken Links on your websites
Always try to re-check the broken links in your websites before apply for Google AdSense account. And there are multiple plugin available in market which will check the broken links in your website. So always fix these broken link before applying for AdSense .
  Fix Broken Links  
  (13)Use Copyright Free Images
Always try to use copyright free things as this will helps your website to improve there business and faster approval in AdSense . It is always better to customize your images and there are number of popular tools available in market to improve image quality. If you take care of that then it will helps you get fastest approval.

(14)Try to use good deign and navigation system
First impression is last impression so always take care that your design should be good and attractive. Try to use generate press theme will improve your website look and its display. And second thing is always customize your navigation menu bar and make it better. If you use good navigation system then it will improves your website ranking.
  Navigation Page  
  (15)Traffic Effect
Lots of user thinks that if they have a good traffic then approval is much faster. But it is not right if you have zero traffic then AdSense will also be approve as Google AdSense will not check the traffic for google AdSense account.
  Traffic Effect  
  If you are apply for Google AdSense always try to remove other ad network if you are using that. And follow all the important steps which is needed for AdSense approval. If you follow all above points then you will 100% get AdSense approval.

Note:- To earn money and traffic view some On-Page SEO technique and some api for URL Inspection

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  User Questions and Answer:-  
  (1)How can i get 100$ in day from website (Question by Ali)
Try to improve your writing skill and improve your SEO skills and knowledge. And take care of low competition keyword as this will improve your website performance.
  (1)Can i get approval in 10 Minutes (Question by RituRaj)
There is no such tools available in market to get fastest approval in 10 min.

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