Important Aspects to Reduce Bounce Rate


Here in below articles you will get points to overcome issue of "Bounce Rate" and will power your site performance and increase traffics. If you correctly measure or diagnosis the bounce rate then this will helps you to improve site rankings, increase user engagement and will helps you to earn more. Just like if a doctor got the patient diseases he will start the correct medicine and treatment.


Most of user have clear and easy definition of bounce rate is "When a visitor bounce from your web-pages they have nor left on web-page but also exited from entire website after viewing one page."

  Bounce Rate


Cause of Bounce Rate:-

(1)High Bounce Rate can be signal of poor user experience.


(2)Sometime user hit the web-page and content expecting is incorrect and some time page is non-responsive.


(3)Sometime search engine will be reason of bounce rate. To understand this we will take a example of Google algorithm. Google will check that what a page is and about its content and what a search query is all about. But in very rare cases Google may show incorrect website this may be due to incorrect keywords and description in website pages.


(4)Slowness of website may also be a reason increase in bounce rate.


(5)Some time your web-page have Sufficient Content people will get quickly what they need and bounce from websites.


(6)Incorrect Title Tag and Meta Description can also lead to increase bounce rate.


(7)Some time user will get blank page or some technical error also lead to increase of bounce rate.


(8)Some bad link from third party website that may be mislead the user can increase the bounce rate.


(9)Incorrect affiliate to some third party page also mislead the user and bounce rate may increase.


(10)Very low quality of content or we can say content is under optimized.


(11)Obnoxious UX like too many pop-up and large number of add mislead user and cause of bounce rate.


(12)Page is not suitable for Mobile will also cause of bounce rate.


(13)Required too much from user may also increase in bounce rate like some personnel information.(Credit card number,Social security number etc.)


Some of the user are confuse about the bounce rate reason they will always take this is as a negative impact. But on another hand a high bounce rate can also be a positive user experience sometime. To understand this we will take a example sometime user search a little query and after getting information they will close the web-page. But for future they will save page for future reference and this will add more benefits for website owner.


Now will directly jump to Important points to Reduce Bounce Rate:-



(1)Notice Page Load Time 

When any of user facing issue about too much time taken to load website. They will not wait for full download and will jump out of the site. And this will creates an poor user experience. And if the content of page is of high quality and attractive but taking too much time to load visitor will be jump out of web-page. If your website will take more then 3-4 seconds it will damaging your website goodwill. Load time will plays an important role if your website is mobile oriented as it will be more frustrated for mobile user if load time is more.

  Page Load Time

(2)Add Website Search Easy

If you will not add a website search functionality or it is not user friendly. Will cause a negative effects. And if user searching for something specific and result is incorrect then it will be cause of increase of bounce rate.
  Search Content Easy  
(3)User Friendly Navigation

Apply a easy and user friendly navigation. Where user get a clear direction where content is placed and visitor can easily reach there will helps user experience. And on another hand if navigation is incorrect and intuitive navigation will increase in bounce rate.
  Navigation system  
(4)Open links on a New Tab

When your following some attractive internal link strategy always try to open new page in new tag. This will increase the time spent on website as multiple pages open at once.
  New Tab  
(5)Add 404 Error Page

When a page is not found this will be negative effects and low down your website traffic and user experience. So always try to add 404 page so that it will redirect the user to alternative web-page. This will helps you to lower the bounce rate.
  File Not Found 404  
(6)Impressive Design

First impression is last impression will works here. And good and attractive design will attract new user and build trust with a user. And if you websites is not having good design, unpleasant, unattractive, slowness will be cause of bounce rate.
  Website Design  
(7)Mobile Friendly

One of the main focus with mobile user is speed of websites. As mobile user will mainly focus on time and are less patience as compare to desktop user. And if mobile design is responsive will attract more user and if it is not then will add more bounce rate.
  Mobile Friendly  
  (8)Length of Paragraphs
This is primary factor will helps to low down the bounce rate. If you have 2000-3000 lines of new and unique content but format is incorrect then user will not stay there.
So try to create content with short paragraphs will help visitors to read quickly. As most of the user are using small mobile device so content should be in proper paragraph and short will helps user to read easily.
  Content Faq  
(9)Type of Content

Some time a good image will reduce your content. If you are writing 80-90 lines of content which is easily can be shown by a single high-quality images will make user trust. You can also add Video content which will also very efficient method will low down the bounce rate.
  Content Type  
(10)Keyword Selection

There are number of free tool available in market to search keywords. And if you add relevant keyword will helps search engine to get information about your pages. As accurate use of words, sentences, paragraphs, and headings will help to communicate to Google what the page is about.
Always stay on topic do not stray. As search engine will redirect to your page if selection of keyword and data is correct.
  Keyword Research  
(11)Target Audience

Same as keyword selection your content should be focus on the topic. Identify core target audience of website and create niche content around audience. Your target should not be very broad, as there is very high chance of getting users who are not looking for what your site features.
If your target audience are correct then time spend on your time is more and will low down your bounce rate.
Speed and focus on specific group of user help user and find people who what to find that your website offer will also helps.
  Target Audience  
(12)Avoid Pop-up Windows
Users will not like intrusive interstellar which prevent them to get content fast. And there are certain ways to show interstitial which will not impact users on your web-pages. And always avoid to be in way of user and content.
Some user will not likes to come again if user first view pop-up or some hurdle will also high rate of bounce rate.
  Avoid Popup  
(13)Limit down the Ads

Same as your avoiding pop-up you should also control on ads and also avoid distracting ads will do a negative user experience. Most of all a horizontal rectangular ad unit at top of page is enough. And some time large ads will make difficult for user to read down the content and can raise a poor user experience.
Always try not to add annoying ads. And always prefer user comments or complaints about specific ads will helps user for improvement.

(14)Add CTA(call-to-action)
CTA should always visible clear and easy view to all users. The user should be able to locate this within the first few seconds of being on a page. A CTA should also be compelling so that a user is enticed to click on it.

(15)Avoid Broken Links
If your website have large number of broken links that will create a poor user experience. And a visitor should be dissatisfied and frustrated if they cannot locate the content that they want to find. There are number of tools available in market to get down all broken links and one of most popular tool is Google Search Console.
  Broken Links  

(16)Internal Link Strategy

Try to add clearly and easy internal link technique. This will helps users to easily navigate to section of website they are looking for, and keep their overall user experience enjoyable.
  Internal Link Stragey  

(17)Add Content Frequently

Always try to add new fresh content and change to your websites. Try to avoid incorrect information or update that on change. If you add new content will be helpful in order to convince people to visit and stay on a site.
  Content Frequent Add  

(18)Show Trust

User are always hungry about the trusted content and trustworthy website. And a accurate and good content will helps in increasing trust among users. And always add SSL to your website will also a step to increase trust in users.
  Trust Build  

(19)Use Different tools

There are number of tools available in market to analyze to user. And this will helps to track user engagements. For example use Google Analytic will helps to get user time,bounce rate pages per session etc.
  Tool Used  
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