Genuine 300 Free Guest Posting Websites


First of all i will explain what is Guest Posting in single line. When someone post/publish some articles on another website to generate back-link or for advertisements or for traffic is called guest posting. It is one of the major part in SEO ranking. There are number of paid/free websites available in market for guest posting.


I have collected many of the genuine free posting websites and categorized them. There are almost 30% of total user on internet are fond of reading articles. And 90-92% of total websites are publishing there posting on other websites to get back-links.

We all are aware that Google has slapped many of the blog networks and websites that are selling paid links. And many of the link building methods that are used in past are not work any more now. But guest blogging is one of the technique that is still exists. As per the latest update by google guest posting is still helps to get good back links if you are writing a good quality guest post which is relevant to your website/blog.

As i have told you earlier i have caterozied the websites in below category.


  Category For Free Guest Post  
Social Media Websites   Social Media Websites/Blogs
  Shopping Post Websites   Shopping Websites/Blogs  
  Sports Websites   Sports Websites/Blogs  
  Blogging Websites   Blogging Websites/Blogs  
  Business Websites   Business Websites/Blogs  
  Education Websites   Education Websites/Blogs  
  Election Websites   Election Websites/Blogs  
  Email Marketing Websites   Email Marketing Websites/Blogs  
  Enterpresure Websites   Enterpresure Websites/Blogs  
  Entertainment Websites   Entertainment Websites/Blogs  
  Family Websites   Family Websites/Blogs  
  Finance Websites   Finance Websites/Blogs  
  Food Post   Food Websites/Blogs  
  Health Websites   Health Websites/Blogs  
  HomeRepair Websites   Home Repair Websites/Blogs  
  Language Websites   Languages Websites/Blogs  
  Lawblog Websites   Law Websites/Blogs  
  Lifestyle Websites   LifeStyle Websites/Blogs  
  Makemoney Websites   MakeMoney Websites/Blogs  
  Marketing Websites   Marketing Websites/Blogs  
  NewLaunch Websites   New Launch Websites/Blogs  
  PetPost Websites   Pet Websites/Blogs  
  Photography Websites   Photography Websites/Blogs  
  RealEstate Websites   Real Estate Websites/Blogs  
  Self Development Websites   Self Development Websites/Blogs  
  Technology Websites   Technology Websites/Blogs  
  TravelPost Websites   Travel Websites/Blogs  
  WebDesign Websites   Web Designing Websites/Blogs  

Pros of Using Guest Blogging:-

Below are benefits of Post/Publish of Guest blogging

(1)For your brand publicity and build trust in market or social media.

(2)To shows your ability and skill-set about a specific topic or for improving your writing skill-set.

(3)For target more audience or target traffic for your websites.

(4)To get rank in search engine for some specific keywords.

(5)One of greatest benefits of blogging is you will connect with others. You will build genuine relationships.

(6)If you are a good writer then you land a job as some of professional are there to look for smart writer.

(7)If you own a business website Blogging will help you sell more. You only need a content that leads readers to get interested in your product and services.

(8)One of excellent feature is that you will get immediate feedback on your post which will be more positive for you.

  How to Write A Successful Guest Post:-

There are some important tips or advice which should be take care while writing a strong popular Guest Post. I have tried my best to cover all the important points as given below

  WriteGuest Post  

(1)Read the Guidelines

Your post will have a 99.9% chance to be accepted by Blogging Post Website if you follow all the guidelines. And guidelines usually include below rules

  • Must have author biography and head-shot

  • Must have word count.

  • Some Blogging Sites also have some rules on Style, Tone and level of formality.

  • Some Blogging Site may accept Images sources.

  • Number of links permitted in the post.

(2)Apply Search Engine Structure

As per the Google they have certain structure for blog post, and i have added some of the rules below which helps you to set the structure of Search Engine:-
  • Always try to add short and clear paragraphs.
  • Try to use H1 only for heading and use another H2-H6 for rest of post.
  • Try to include Bullet point for more clarity.
  • Try to use number to display instructions or recipe steps when useful.
  • Some other point which needs to take care are
   (b)"Guest Post"+TopicName
   (c)"Submit Guest Post"+"Education"
   (d)"Submit Guest Post"+"Keyword"
   (f)"Guest Post Submission Guidelines" + TopicName
   (g)"Become A Guest Author"+"Keyword"

This above rules will also help Blogging Website owner time. And this will makes their job much easier.

(3)Pick the best topic as it is the key

For your guest post 20% success is depend upon your title if it is chosen correct. If you have selected a poor/incorrect topic of your guest post 30% of total reader will have a negative impact before start reading.

(4)Be a Reader Before start

Any of the guest post you must analyze the audience it may helps you to select the content of your guest post. Always try to go through the blog comments section if it is available in Blogger Website. And try to also add social media profile section if it is applicable on Blogger Site for like and dislike.

(5)Use different Platform to select Topic

There are number of Tools/Platform available in market which helps you to get the best topic. Quora is the platform which also helps you create a trending questions and helps you to select perfect topic or ideas for your Guest Post.

(6)Include Images/Audio/Video

Try to add Image with full format if it is permitted by the Blogger Websites. Some Blogger Website will also accept Audio and Video files. So try to embedded audio or video files in your post if it is related to your topics.

(7)Proofread Your Content before Post

Before submit your content/guest post always try to check spelling and grammar of your post. It is always a good practice to analyzes flow and checks all the links. Most of Editor of Blogging Website look over of your content before publishing and it prevent embarrassing and will also harm to reject your post.

  Genuine 300 Free Guest Posting Websites(Ahrefs Rank (AR) and DR(Domain Rank))  
  Email Marketing Websites/Blogs  
(1)GetResponse Blog (AR:1,700 DR:89) (Guest Post)
(2)BenchmarkEmail Blog (AR:6,158 DR:83) (Guest Post)
(3)Mailjet (AR:8,031 DR:82) (Contributor Guidelines)
(4)CXL (AR:4,206 DR:85) (Guest Post)
(5)MailerLite (AR:1,630 DR:90) (Guest Post)
(6)Pepipost Blog (AR:92,250 DR:70) (Guest Post)

   Social Media Marketing Websites/Blogs  
(1)Social Media Examiner (AR:2,839 DR:87 ) (Guest Post )
(2)Mashable (AR:609 DR:91 ) (Submit News)
(3)SocialMediaToday (AR:1,876 DR:89 ) (Contributor)
(4)CoSchedule Blog (AR:3,834 DR:86 ) (Guest Post)
(5)Socialnomics (AR:59,361 DR:72 ) (Contact)
(6)The Mention Blog (AR:6,583 DR:83 ) (Guest Post)
(7)Social Media Week (AR:14,128 DR:79 ) (Guest Post)
(8)Social Media Explorer (AR:30,480 DR:76 ) (Guest Post )
(9)Agorapulse (AR:3,839 DR:79 ) (Guest Post)
(10)Brand24 Blog (AR:28,935 DR:76 ) (Guest Post)
(11)Social Media Strategies (AR:153,104 DR:66 ) (Guest Post)
(12) (AR:262,214 DR:66 ) (Submit News)
(13)Social Media Revolver (AR:282,768 DR:59 ) (Guest Post)
(14) blog (AR:52,375 DR:73) (Guest Post)

  Marketing Websites/Blogs  
(1)MarketingProfs (AR:5,194 DR:84) (Guest Post)  
(2)HubSpot Blog (AR:97 DR:93) (Guest Post)  
(3)B2B Marketing (AR:26,057 DR:76) (Blog Submissions)  
(4)HingeMarketing (AR:56,434 DR:73) (Guest Post)  
(5)WebEngage (AR:79,489 DR:71) (Guest Post)  
(6)NetHunt (AR:107,024 DR:69) (Guest Post )  
(7)Cloudways (AR:2,037 DR:89) (Guest Post)  
(8)Chatter Buzz (AR:863,000 DR:47) (Guest Post)  
(9)Make a Living Writing (AR:98,154 DR:70) (Guest Post)  
(10) (AR:62,775 DR:72) (Guest Post)  
(11)Adzooma (AR:76,090 DR:71) (Guest Post)  
(12)ResellerClub Blog (AR:18,093 DR:78) (Guest Post)  
(13)Mention (AR:6,583 DR:83) (Guest Post)  
(14)DeskTime (AR:64,631 DR:72) (Guest Post)  
(15)ReportGarden (AR:175,049 DR:64) (Guest Post)  
(16)Reputation X (AR:108,985 DR:69) (Guest Post)  
(17)Taggbox (AR:38,220 DR:75) (Guest Post)  
(18) (AR:22,484 DR:77) (Guest Post)  
(19)MarketingTech (AR:26,508 DR:76) (Guest Post
(20)SurveySparrow (AR:28,787 DR:76) (Guest Post)  
(21)Omniconvert blog (AR:29,491 DR:76) (Guest Post)

  Business Websites/Blogs  
(1) (AR:10,681  DR:81 ) (Guest Post)
(2)Business 2 Community (AR:1,793  DR:89 ) (Contributor)   
(3)Outbrain (AR:3,508  DR:86 ) (Guest Blogging)  
(4) (AR:431  DR:92 ) (Submit Story)   
(5)TweakYourBiz (AR:36,565  DR:75 ) (Post)
(6)GoDaddy blog (AR:77  DR:94 ) (Post)  
(7) (AR:10,952  DR:81 ) (Connect)       
(8) (AR:13,824  DR:79 ) (Write)
(9) (AR:46,073  DR:74 ) (Join)  
(10) (AR:296,913  DR:58 ) (Post)   
(11)SoGoSurvey (AR:33,970  DR:75 ) (Write Blog)   
(12)The Ken (AR:151,092  DR:66 ) (Write Post)  
(13)Sansan Resources (AR:72,310  DR:72 ) (Write Post)  
(14)Business Insider India (AR:6,370  DR:83 ) (Write Post)      
(15)Exabytes (AR:5,634  DR:84 ) (Write Post)
(16) (AR:40,820  DR:74 ) (Write Post)   
(17)Crunchbase (AR:1,387  DR:90 ) (Write Post)   
(18)ToolsQA (AR:638,272  DR:50 ) (Write Post)   
(19)Gimmio Blog (AR:236,311  DR:61 ) (Write Post)

  Blogging Websites/Blogs  
(1)John Chow  (AR:57,852   DR:73  ) (Guest Post
  (2)Bloggers Passion  (AR:67,605   DR:72  ) (Guest Post)
(3)Blogsolute  (AR:1,609,772   DR:39  ) (Contact us)
(4)HellBound Bloggers (HBB)  (AR:293,622   DR:58  ) (Write Post)
(5)Content Marketing Institute   (AR:2251   DR:88  ) (Guidelines)
(6)The Blog Herald   (AR:94,713   DR:70  ) (Guest Post)
(7)   (AR:1,692,022   DR:39  ) (Guest Post)
(8)Authority Hacker   (AR:28,466   DR:76  ) (Contact)
(9)The Mogul Mom   (AR:1,094,288   DR:44  ) (Contribute)
(10)   (AR:75,735   DR:71  ) (Guest Posts)    
(11)WP Security Ninja    (AR:176,844   DR:64  ) (Guest Post
(12)Webnus  (AR:11,004   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)
(13)CyberChimps  (AR:907  DR:91  ) (Guest Post
(14)WebScoot Blog  (AR:1,418,252   DR:41  ) (Guest Post)
(15)99signals   (AR:237,677   DR:61  ) (Guest Post)  
(16)   (AR:7,120   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)
(17)MakeWebBetter   (AR:77,413   DR:71  ) (Guest Post )
  SEO Websites/Blogs  
(1)  (AR:351,878   DR:56 ) (Submission guidelines)   
(2)  (AR:36,701   DR:75 ) (Guest Post )
(3)Pole Position Marketing  (AR:57,905   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
(4)TechWyse   (AR:71,033   DR:72  ) (Guest Post)
(5)MarketingTechNews  (AR:26,522   DR:76  ) (Guest Post)           
(6)Mangools Blog  (AR:29,766   DR:76  ) (Guest Post)
(7)Linkody Blog  (AR:72,656   DR:72  ) (Guest Post)  
(8)RankWatch Blog  (AR:87,053   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)
(9)Serpstat Blog  (AR:18,456   DR:78  ) (Guest Post)    
(10)Jeffbullas Blog  (AR:8,371   DR:82  ) (Writing Process)
(11)Search Engine Watch  (AR:2,267   DR:88  ) (Contributor)     
  (12)Search Engine Land  (AR:883   DR:91  ) (Check to Contribute)
(13)Search Engine Roundtable  (AR:5,630   DR:84  ) (Contact us)  
(14)  (AR:69,728   DR:72  ) (Check To Contribute)    
(15)  (AR:102,410   DR:70  ) (Contribute)
(16)ResultFirst  (AR:998,976   DR:45  ) (Guest Post)
(17)Seomator  (AR:131,447   DR:67  ) (Guest Post )  
(18)skyje  (AR:439,279   DR:54  ) (Guest Post)  
(19)EZ Rankings  (AR:114,288   DR:69  ) (Guest Post)

  Technology Websites/Blogs  
(1)SitePoint  (AR:2,780   DR:87  ) (Guest Post)                                 
(2)Slashdot  (AR:2,535   DR:88  ) (Submit Story)   
(3)Read Write  (AR:6,564   DR:83  ) (Guest Post)   
(4)TechWalls  (AR:372,679   DR:56  ) (Guest Post)
(5)Inspirationfeed  (AR:65,532   DR:72  ) (Guest Post)
(6)PragProg  (AR:11,714   DR:80  ) (Guest Post)
(7)iTechCode  (AR:338,692   DR:57  ) (Guest Post)
(8)VentureBeat  (AR:925   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)
(9)  (AR:8,517   DR:82  ) (Guest Post)
(10)MakingDifferent  (AR:366,414   DR:56  ) (Guest Post)
(11)TechLila  (AR:877,673   DR:47  ) (Guest Post)
(12)TechiBhai   (AR:1,827,059   DR:38  ) (Guest Post)
(13)Colocation America  (AR:127,673   DR:67  ) (Guest Post)
(14)TechMaish  (AR:932,941   DR:46  ) (Guest Post)
(15)All Tech Buzz  (AR:178,982   DR:64  ) (Check Contact)           
(16)  (AR:28,836   DR:76  ) (Guest Post)
(17)  (AR:320,352   DR:57  ) (Guest Post)
(18)Analytics India Magazine  (AR:31,833   DR:75  ) (Guest Post)
(19)SoftwareWorld  (AR:49,111   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
(20)ProProfs  (AR:10,889   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)
(21)Neptune Blog  (AR:296,269   DR:58  ) (Guest Post)              
(22)iMocha  (AR:632,614   DR:50  ) (Guest Post)  
(23)Freshdesk  (AR:508   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)     
(24)Analytics Insight  (AR:21,776   DR:77  ) (Guest Post)
(25)Mobisoft Infotech  (AR:233,970   DR:61  ) (Guest Post)
(26)CompleteConnection  (AR:780,280   DR:48  ) (Guest Post)
(27)Big Data Made Simple  (AR:98,474  DR:70  ) (Guest Post)
(28)Codersera  (AR:2,028,522   DR:37  ) (Guest Post)
(29)GoodFirms  (AR:6,695   DR:83  ) (Guest Post)
(30)Technology Networks  (AR:26,765   DR:76  ) (Guest Post)  
(31)Chanty  (AR:36,077   DR:75  ) (Guest Post)
(32)LoginRadius  (AR:20,165   DR:78  ) (Guest Post)
(33)Chetu  (AR:156,519   DR:65  ) (Guest Post)
(34)Simple Programmer  (AR:74,114   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)        
(35)CallHippo blog  (AR:52,118   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
(36)Jungleworks  (AR:109,495   DR:69  ) (Guest Post)   
(37)PAT RESEARCH  (AR:142,133   DR:66  ) (Guest Post)
(38)The Next Tech (AR:390,250   DR:55  ) (Guest Post)

  Home Improvement Websites/Blogs  
(1)  (AR:1,387,977   DR:41  ) (Guest Post)
(2)House Affection  (AR:192,910   DR:63  ) (Guest Post)
(3)Grafomap  (AR:747,209   DR:49  ) (Guest Post)
  (4)DesignLike  (AR:355,904   DR:56  ) (Guest Post)

  Law Blog Websites/Blogs  
(1)Above the Law (AR:14,582  DR:79  ) (Guest Post)
(2)Attorney at Work (AR:96,689  DR:70 ) (Writing Guidelines)
(3)ABA for Law Students (AR:235,385  DR:61 ) (Guest Post)
  (4)LawFuel (AR:387,793  DR:55 ) (Guest Post)

  News Websites/Blogs  
(1)  (AR:103   DR:93  ) (Contact)   
  (2)  (AR:137   DR:93  ) (Check Guidelines )
  (3)Wall Street Journal  (AR:229   DR:92  ) (Check Guidelines)
  (4)Fast Company  (AR:485   DR:91  ) (Check Guidelines)
  (5)  (AR:264   DR:92  ) (Check Guidelines)
  (6)The Diplomat   (AR:9,787   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)  
  (7)ORF   (AR:47,964   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
  (8)TimesTravel  (AR:564   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)
  (9)Asia Times  (AR:24,907   DR:77  ) (Guest Post)
  (10)Swarajya  (AR:81,844   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)
  (11)GIJN  (AR:86,818   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)
(12)The Conversation  (AR:859   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)

  Life Style Websites/Blogs  
(1)Elephant Journal (AR:13,458   DR:80 ) (Guest Post
(2)Lost At E Minor (AR: 90,632  DR:71 ) (Click here to Contribute)  
(3)Mamamia (AR:23,742   DR:77 ) (Click here for Submissions)   
(4)CraftGossip  (AR:144,667   DR:66 ) (Guest Post)  
(5)  (AR:411,792   DR:55 ) (Guest Post)  
(6)  (AR:152,824   DR:66 ) (Guest Post
(7)Mookychick   (AR:805,004   DR:48 ) (Click here for Submission)
(8)   (AR:1,175   DR:90 ) (Click here for Contribute)

  Real Estate Websites/Blogs  
(1)International Living Magazine (AR:45,638  DR:74) (Guest Post)
  (2)EscapeArtist  (AR:176,995  DR:64) (Guest Post)
(3)Scotsman Guide  (AR:84,642  DR:71) (Guest Post)
(4)GeekEstate Blog  (AR:323,966  DR:57) (Click here to Contribute)

  Family Websites/Blogs  
(1)BabyCenter (AR:6,188  DR:83 )  (Click here to Contact )
  (2)Modern Mom (AR:100,991  DR:70 )  (Click here to Contact )  
(3)Cafe Mom  (AR:23,582  DR:77 )  (Click here to Contribute)   
(4)The Sits Girls   (AR:142,249  DR:66 )  (Submit a Blog Tip)   
(5)Indiewire   (AR:4,245  DR:85 )  (Click here to Contact us)  
(6)Working Mother   (AR:17,110  DR:78 )  (Click here for Guidelines)  
(7)ADDitude Magazine (AR:14,892  DR:79 )  (Click here for Guidelines)
(8)5 Minutes For Mom   (AR:83,022  DR:71 )  (Click here to Join Our Team)
(9)Adoptive Families   (AR:130,092  DR:67 )  (Click here for Guidelines)
(10)Virginia Mag   (AR:58,223  DR:73 )  (Click here for Guidelines)
(11)Metro Parent    (AR:116,345  DR:69 )  (Click here for Guidelines
(12)Living Well Mom (AR:160,168  DR:65 )  (Click here for Submissions)

  Self Development/Spirituality Websites/Blogs  
(1)Dumb Little Man (AR:59,629  DR:72  ) (Check to Contribute)
  (2)Lifehack (AR:2,691  DR:87 ) (Check to Contribute)
  (3)SelfGrowth (AR:19795  DR:78 ) (Submit Articles)
  (4)Psychology Today  (AR:324  DR:92 ) (Check Guidelines)
(5)Your Tango  (AR:15,102  DR:79 ) (Check Submissions)
(6)Pick The Brain  (AR:58,714  DR:73 ) (Check Submission)

  Entrepreneurship Websites/Blogs  
(1) (AR:462  DR:91 ) (Check Contact)
  (2) (AR:816,039  DR:48 ) (Guest Post)
  (3) (AR:16,620  DR:79 ) (Guest Post)
  (4)Addicted2Success (AR:57,05  DR:73 ) (Guest Post)
  (5)StartupNation (AR:37,739  DR:75 ) (Check Contribute
  (6) (AR:41,075  DR:74 ) (Guest Post
  (7)YFS Magazine  (AR:94,149  DR:70 ) (Check Contribute)
(8)Foundr (AR:22,530  DR:77  ) (Contributors Form)
(9)StartupBros Blog (AR:159,723  DR:65  ) (Guest Blogging )
(10)SmallBizClub (AR:165,164  DR:65   ) (Guest Post)
(11)Harvard Business Review (AR:345  DR:92  ) (Check Guidelines)
(12)MyVenturePad (AR:401,104  DR:55   ) (Guest Post)

  Sports Websites/Blogs  
(1) (AR:1,137,254  DR:43 ) (Guest Post)
(2)Work In Sports (AR:423,808  DR:54 ) (Guest Posting guidelines)   
(3)CricTracker  (AR:194,609  DR:63 ) (Guest Post)
  (4)LWOS Network  (AR:197,228  DR:63 ) (Guest Post)

  Make Money Online Websites/Blogs  
(1) (AR:87,149  DR:71 ) (Guest Post)
(2) (AR:151,096  DR:66)  (Guest Post)

  Political Websites/Blogs  
(1)  (AR:95,671  DR:70   ) (Guest Post)  
  (2)  (AR:313,474   DR:58 ) (Guest Post)
(3)POLITICO Magazine  (AR:1,255  DR:90  )  (Guest Post)
(4)open Democracy (AR:10,215   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)

  Education Websites/Blogs  
(1)  (AR:9,512   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)
(2)SimpleK12  (AR:453,726   DR:54  ) (Guest Post)   
(3)  (AR:48,486   DR:73  ) (Call for contributors)   
(4)The PIE News  (AR:67,173   DR:72  ) (Guest Post)  
(5)eLearn Magazine  (AR:905   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)  
(6)Edutopia  (AR:5,683   DR:84  ) (Guest Post)        
(7)Arizona State University  (AR:1,873   DR:89  ) (Write Guest Post)
(8)The University of Texas  (AR:1,156   DR:90  ) (Check Procedure)
(9)Getting Smart  (AR:27,695   DR:76  ) (Submission Guidelines)
(10)Open Colleges  (AR:1,038,727   DR:74  ) (Check  to Contribute)
(11)  (AR:88,253   DR:71  ) (Check Guidelines)
(12)EduGorilla  (AR:981,679   DR:45  ) (Guest Post)      
(13)KnowledgeHut  (AR:81,497   DR:71  ) (Write Guest Post)
(14)The Greater Good Science Center  (AR:521   DR:91  ) (Guest Post)
(15)TutorialsTeacher  (AR:375,654   DR:56  ) (Guest Post)   
(16)Everyday Power  (AR:46,051   DR:74  ) (Guest Post)
(17)  (AR:6,472   DR:83  ) (Guest Post)  
(18)EC-Council  (AR:11,642   DR:80  ) (Guest Post)   
(19)Eduonix  (AR:99,316   DR:70  ) (Write Guest Post)   
(20)InformIT  (AR:9,823   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)
(21)CreativePro Network  (AR:41,830   DR:74  ) (Guest Post)  
(22)  (AR:8,517   DR:82  ) (Guest Post)  
(23)Edureka  (AR:47,696   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)   
(24)MindMajix  (AR:161,626   DR:65 ) (Guest Post)

  Dogs/Pets Websites/Blogs  
(1)   (AR:363,304   DR:56  ) (Guest Post)
(2)Dogs Naturally Magazine (AR:29,822   DR:76  ) (Guest Post)
(3)The Bark (AR:40,831   DR:74 ) (Check Submission Guidelines)
(4) (AR:136,472  DR:67)  (Guest Post)
(5) (AR:92,396  DR:70 ) (Guest Post)
(6) (AR:67,088  DR:72 ) (Check Guest Bloggers)

  Fashion Websites/Blogs  
(1)Just Jared (AR:18,014 DR:78 ) (Click here to Contact)      
(2)Fashionista (AR:10,060 DR:81 ) (Guest Post)      
(3)Offbeat Bride (AR:54,179 DR:73 ) (Guest Post)     
(4)PRCouture  (AR:541,017 DR:52 ) (Guest Post)       
(5)HelloGiggles (AR:11,444 DR:80 ) (Click here to Contact us)       
(6)College Fashion (AR:197,705 DR:63 ) (Guest Post)     
(7)Love My Dress (AR:41,191 DR:74 ) (Click here for Submissions)

  Food Websites/Blogs  
(1)The Kitchn (AR:3,294  DR:86  ) (Click for Submissions
(2) (AR:170,267  DR:64  ) (Check Guidelines)
(3)Menuism Dining Blog (AR:186,245  DR:63 ) (Guest Post)
(4) (AR:153,246  DR:66 ) (Guest Post
(5)One Green Planet (AR:12,910 DR:80  ) (Guest Post)
(6) (AR:1,824  DR:89  ) (Check Guidelines)  
(7)Taste of Home (AR:5,440  DR:84  ) (Check Contribution)   
(8)Tori Avey (AR:69,670  DR:72 ) (Check Guidelines)   
(9)Food Dive (AR:23,840  DR:77  ) (Guest Post)

  Photography Websites/Blogs  
(1)Digital Photography School (AR:9680 DR:81) (Guest Post)
(2)Light Stalking   (AR:104,473 DR:70) (Guest Post)
(3)Luminous Landscape(AR:40,548 DR: 74) (Guest Post

  Travel Websites/Blogs  
(1)Boarding Area (AR:41,100  DR:74  ) (Guest Post
(2)Global Grasshopper (AR:268,852  DR:59 ) (Guest Post)   
(3)foXnoMad (AR:282,043  DR:59  ) (Guest Post)  
(4)Hostelbookers (AR:49,641  DR:73  ) (Guest Post )   
(5)Go Abroad (AR:35,044  DR:75  ) (Guest Post)    
(6)The Planet D (AR:61,590  DR:72  ) (Guest Post)
(7)eDreams (AR:127,210  DR:68  ) (Guest Post)   
(8)NomadsWorld (AR:495,765  DR:46  ) (Guest Post)  
(9)Sheswanderful (AR:352,201  DR:56  ) (Guest Post)   
(10)The Travel Manuel (AR:1,172,154  DR:43  ) (Guest Post)   
(11)Wanderlust (AR:56,957  DR:73  ) (Guest Post)  
(12)Global Grasshopper (AR:268,852  DR:59  ) (Guest Post)

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(1)Investopedia (AR:419   DR:92  ) (Guest Post)
(2)Bigger Pockets (AR:13,349   DR:80  ) (Guest Post)    
(3) (AR:3,091   DR:87  ) (Editorial Guidelines)   
(4) (AR:4,301   DR:85  ) (Guest Post)   
(5)Wise Bread (AR:26,588   DR:76  ) (Guest Post )    
(6)I Will Teach You To Be Rich (AR:23,871   DR:77  ) (Guest Post )
(7)Money Saving Mom (AR:82,517   DR:71  ) (Guest Post)    
(8)Modest Money (AR:147,425   DR:66  ) (Post Policy)
(9)Geek Estate Blog  (AR:323,996   DR:57  ) (Guest Post
(10)   (AR:13,804   DR:79  ) (Guest Post)
(11)Money Crashers (AR:9,200   DR:81  ) (Guest Post)  
(12)MoneyMiniBlog  (AR:431,968   DR:54) (Guest Post)  
(13)The Military Wallet (AR:242,200   DR:60) (Guest Post)

  Health/Fitness Websites/Blogs  
(1)Natural News (AR:7,183  Dr:83 ) (Click here to Contribute
(2) (AR:27,597  Dr:76 ) (Guest Post)  
(3)HealthResource4U (AR:1,213,076  Dr:43 ) (Guest Post)  
(4)The Master Cleanse (AR:852,293  Dr:47 ) (Guest Post)  
(5)Well-Being Secrets (AR:191,221  Dr:63 ) (Guest Post)  
(6)mindbodygreen (AR:3,712  Dr:86 ) (Click here to Contribute)  
(7)Tim Blog (AR:5,801  Dr:84 ) (Guest Post)  
(8)Idea Fit (AR:23,898  Dr:77 ) (Click here for Guidelines
(9)T Nation  (AR:40,726  Dr:74 ) (Click here for Editorial Guidelines
(10)Trail Runner  (AR:100,424  Dr:70 ) (Click here for Contributors
(11)Evidence-Based Nursing (AR:622  Dr:91 ) (Guest Post)

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(1)Smashing Magazine (AR:1,271   DR:90  ) (Click here to Become An Author)     
(2)Hongkiat (AR:8,389   DR:82  ) (Guest Post)  
(3)Colossal (AR:14,718   DR:79  ) (Click here for Submissions)  
(4)Speckyboy (AR:13,339   DR:80  ) (Click here to Contribute an Article)  
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(6)InDesignSecrets (AR:105,591   DR:70  ) (Guest Post)  
(7)Web Design Ledger (AR:20,529   DR:78  ) (Click here to Contribute)   
(8)Vandelay Design (AR:32,706   DR:75  ) (Guest Post)
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(10)Quertime  (AR:942,294   DR:46  ) (Guest Post
(11)Cats Who Code  (AR:93,137   DR:70  ) (Guest Post
(12)A List Apart  (AR:3,035   DR:87) (Guest Post
(13)Creative Blog (CB)  (AR:3,182   DR:86  ) (Guest Post
(14)Men with Pens  (AR:196,726   DR:63  ) (Post guidelines
(15)CrazyLeafDesign  (AR:150,002   DR:66  ) (Guest Post
(16)appendTo  (AR:187,434   DR:63  ) (Guest Post
(17)CollectiveRay  (AR:21,954   DR:77  ) (Guest Post)  
(18)Writer’s Relief   (AR:531,167   DR:52  ) (Guest Post)   
(19)Top Design Magazine  (AR:245,731   DR:60) (Guest Post
(20)Webflow  (AR:389   DR:92  ) (Guest Post)
(21)  (AR:103,925   DR:70  ) (Guest Post)
(22)binPress  (AR:138,091   DR:67  ) (Guest Post)
(23)Creative Nerds  (AR:178,539   DR:64  ) (Guest Post)
(24)webdew  (AR:96,179   DR:70  ) (Guest Post)
(25)Stackify  (AR:41,353   DR:74  ) (Guest Post)
(26)WebAlive  (AR:47,293   DR:74  ) (Guest Post)
(27)Netguru Blog  (AR:54,218   DR:73  ) (Guest Post)

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(1)Milwaukee Magazine (AR:85,780 DR:71) (For Submission)
(2) (AR:42,038 DR:74) (Guest Post)
(3) (AR:338,655 DR:57) (Guest Post)
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(1)OnCrawl  (AR:52,655  DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
(2) (AR:190,329  DR:73  ) (Guest Post)
  (3)ContactPigeon (AR:134,103  DR:67  ) (Guest Post)
  (4)ReferralCandy (AR:169  DR:93  ) (Guest Post)
  (5)ClickZ (AR:5,548  DR:84  ) (Guest Post)
(6)Mediapost (AR:2,245  DR:88  ) (Guest Post)



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