Top 14 Free Blogging Sites to Create A Free Blogs/Websites in No Time

Date:-08 March 2022 Author:- Rajeev Chugh

If you are looking for some free blogging websites to build a new blog for you. Whether you are aware of it or not, as blogging is one of best source to make money online without any investment.


I have also started my career with blogging and successfully making money from blogs from last 13 years.


Mainly blogs are available in 2 forms, one is free and another is self-hosted blogs which are paid also called premium. Both of them have their own cons and pros.

WordPress Skill

Mainly blogs are available in 2 forms, one is free and another is self-hosted blogs which are paid also called premium. Both of them have their own cons and pros.


In free blogging platforms you won't have full control over sites and on another hand in self-hosted sites you have to buy a domain(website name) and web-space(hosting) to run sites(You have the full access on self-hosted).


My personnel suggestions is if you are a beginner then start with free personnel blog. There are number of reasons why i personally advice you to try hands on free blogging sites first.


Below are some pros or cons of using free domain names:-


Pros of Free Blogging:-


(1)The first most important aspects of free blogging is that you won't have to pay a single penny for your domain name and for hosting space. This domain is with you for lifetime if you not violate any of rules or blogger has stopped there services.


(2)There are wide range of free domain name available. And you will have to come-up with your best creative and memorable domain names.


Cons of Free Blogging:-


(1)On free blogging websites you will get a sub-domain as your personnel blog address. for example:- If address of blogger is and you have choose the blogger name as BloggerGiants then name should be So will be added with each blog which is created free on

Note:- If name BloggerGiants is available.


(2)Most of the visitor of free blogging are not serious about the free blogging.


(3)You are not sure when your blog will be deleted or disappear.


(4)As you choose the free blogging it will treated as a cheap look to your sites often.


(5)You have to follow all the rules and regulation of blogger website if you have violate and of the rule your blog will either deleted or blocked.


(6)Not value of money of your content if you have the super content.


I think i have provide you enough about the importance of free blogging platforms to start blogs. Below is the list of free blogging sites which guide you to create free blogs of your own.

Note:-Every blogging sites have there own pros and cons. And i have not provide order of there uses as every blogging sites have there own area and expertise.





(A)Top 14 Free Blogging Sites to create a Free Personnel Blog
















(B)Important Aspects about Free Blogging Sites


(C)Important FAQs about Free Blogging Sites


(D)Conclusion of Free Blogging Creation Sites



(A)Top 14 Free Blogging Sites to create a Free Personal Blog





  WordPress Skill  


From my point of view WordPress is one of the most widely used and reliable free blogging platform. We can use WordPress for Free professional Personal Blog sites and i think for any type of blog. Over 38% of websites worldwide are hosted on WordPress content management system.


This 38% suggest or advice the importance of using to create a free blogs. WordPress users post 70 million new and 77 million new comments in each month. And approx 350 new post live in every minute. provides almost all of the features that we are getting on but lacks when we say about the monetizing for your free blog on


Pros for WordPress:-


(1)WordPress websites or blogs are mobile friendly and this features really help you nowadays where more then 60% of user are using mobiles.


(2)In every industry most of the Blogger first choice is WordPress to run their websites. And it is quite easy to convenient back-link and syndication.


(3)One of another important feature of WordPress blogging software is that you can use your custom domain by download this from website and upload that on your personnel web space too in case of self-hosting.


(4)Installation of WordPress is very easy and very user friendly.


(5)Upgradation and modification of websites or blog is very easy to do.


(6)If you want to start your self hosted CMS(Content Management Systems) sites. You have choice to use Which is one of widely used CMS in the world.


(7)WordPress is best for social media integration, online marketing, less expensive website development and secure compare to other traditional sites. 



Cons for WordPress:-


(1)You will get sub-domain that ends with always.


(2)As i have told you earlier there are some limitation too in every blogger sites. You cannot use your custom themes or plugin that are not available in WordPress official directory. To get free themes and plugins directory click-here and click-here.


(3)You have no permission to use Google Adsense, Amazon or any other Monetization program which need some JavaScript code to add in your blog.


(4)If you are not professional in SEO or no SEO experience then there is some problem in WordPress like if content is marked into many category or you have over-tagged the content then Google flags it as duplicate content. This will affect your sites ranking on SERPs.


(5)Sometime installation will also create issue like you need to install many plugin and themes to run function properly. And more plugin you use will more compatibility issue to deal with them.



But to get rid all of these limitation i would suggest you to create your own self-hosted blog. And it is easy to manage your sites and also make money blogging by using some good techniques from SEO and some other stuff like content writing or by design.





  WordPress Create Account  

I have created my first free blog on it is one of the most favourite and widely used blogging platform. If your interested in free blogging then it is a good choice.


One another good thing about the is that it is owned by a master of all search engine Google. To explore more detail about features click here.


Pros for Blogger:-


I have divided the blogger pros in 3 main category



 (i)Adsense approval for blog in blogger is really fast when we compare this with another blogger reason is Blogger and Adsense both are owned by giant Google.


 (ii)You can easily create blog posts, add videos and images to blog and monetize your blog with Google Adsense and Amazon.



(i)There are thousands of free templates available on Blogger and you can design your blog with no cost.


(ii)You can create pages, Private blog and Multi-user blog in Blogger which is currently available in 40 + Languages.


(iii)Themes available in Blogger are very pretty and simple to use.


(c)Reason why this is popular

(i)User can map there custom domain with Blogger website which make blogger so popular.


(ii)Most of the user are using Blogger platform because it is free and gives great flexibility and functionality. 


Cons for Blogger:-


(1)The only cons of Blogger is that as your not a owner of your blog all the control are in hand of Google. And you have limited choice in choosing unique domain as many of blogs already there.


(2)If your a newbie then it is best for you but if your looking at full fledged professional websites then you cannot do too much here as functionality is very basic.


Note:-As this is free platform and you will need to pay domain cost in case you want to use custom domain for your blog. But i prefer you to use this if you have just starting your carrier in blogging.





  WordPress Dashboard  
LiveJournal is available in both free and paid version. In free version LiveJournal will place there ads in your blog. But if you want to create a blog with no advertising of LiveJournal then pick a paid version.

Feature that are available in LiveJournal are like calendars, Polls, commenting and multiple author blogs make it attractive. And it has many of social media features which make this blog different from other blogging websites.

Currently 15+ million people are currently using LiveJournal for free blogs. And you can create blog in different famous languages like Dutch, German, French and English. If you are not comfortable in English. And we have some remarkable features of LiveJournal that are:

(1) Video Uploading
(2) Photo Uploading
(3) Private Message Sending
(4) Public Message Posting

Pros for LiveJournal:-

(1)Wide variety of community for political pundits are available on this blogging site.

(2)Community of people in Livejournal is very vast and you can find any type of information.

(3)Very easy to insert a new post, and this will Offer a very user friendly interface. I personally refer you must try LiveJournal once.

(4)This blog have some privacy factor feature where you can secure your information and make them private.

(5)This blogger has wide range of Languages to start a free blog.

(6)Extensive commenting capabilities available in LiveJournel.

Cons for LiveJournal:-


(1)As i explain you earlier posting of blog is quite easy task but formatting of a post is not quite easy if you are not well aware of HTML syntax, when we compare this with another bloggers.


(2)When we are trying on some community search to join it will be some difficulty to wade through the list of results.


(3)Less functionality for Free user as compare to Paid service. And slightly more extensive customization options.





  tumblr website  


Tumblr is one of the micro blog website which is like a Facebook and Twitter which comes into picture in 2007. And it is one of the fastest growing websites which is some kind of medley of Facebook, Twitter and blogger.


It is a great choice for you if your interested in some visual blogs. Here you can place images,videos and music in different ways and have feature to visualize your images so appealing.


Now i will jump to different features of Tumblr:-


(1)There are number of third-party apps available in Tumblr.


(2)You can publish updates to your Facebook account.


(3)Here picture resolution is up-to-mark and have feature to add a high resolution pictures.


(4)Number of themes available.


(5)Have feature to post your blog from your email-box.


(6)You can also use Google Analytic to track blog readers.


(7)Number of user can contribute to your blog and there is no limit on it.


(8)You have option to schedule to posts your blogs.


(9)You also have a feature to create your own theme(custom theme).


(10)You have option to post anything on Tumblr.


(11)You have option to secure your post by private.


(12)You have option to convert your post in audio format too.


(13)You also have option to use your own custom domain.


(14)You can sync Twitter and do automatic update on twitter about your latest posts.



Cons for Tumblr:-


(1)You can not fully alter Page Layout.


(2)There are no sorting options available in Tumblr.


For more details about Tumblr you need to click here. You can save lot of time in Tumblr by using its features like re-post, re-share, re-blog anything that you find useful on Tumblr community. That will also add some more follower in Tumblr without adding your content in your blog.


As another people can also re-blog or re-share your post which will also adding some more followers. Every blogger have some unique features in it so my advice to use every of blogger websites and improve your skill-set.





If you are searching some blog that have professional design website templates then your choice should be Webs. It is free hosting which have an easy interface to use for website building. There are hundred of useful features available in


Webs has complete browser-based interface which helps you to create a good looking professional blogs.


Pros for


(1) mostly focus on eCommerce and their are array of tools centered on providing next-level eCommerce functionality which make this so popular.


(2)Have number of themes available which create your site so appealing.


(3)Have some mobile enable feature. And have in-built mobile website builder which make your site mobile responsive.


(4)Here you can include different social media icons to your blogs like a Twitter feed, Facebook like box and some other useful social media icons to increase social media following.


(5)Here you can get a report where website traffic comes from, Visitors behave on sites and source of traffic all the reports available here.


(6)Have some silent feature of listing your business online without any investment. So we will get local listing option available here.


(7)It is very friendly to most of search engine.



Cons for


(1)In free option we have limited number of themes.


(2)Very limited feature as we compare with paid feature which starts from 6$ per month. Here you will get unlimited pages, Password protected pages and 1 GB storage.





When we rank Weebly it comes in top 50 most usable blogging websites. Its a California-based company which has started this in 2006 to 2007.


It is popular due to there versatility and free blogging platform. And have more then 12 million of users which are doing on Weebly.


Here we have feature to publish content on Weebly sub-domain or on your custom domain without any charge its a free service. Means you have domain mapping without any cost.


Weebly have feature to use drag drop option to create menus, pages and categories. And it is quite easy to handle and create a free blogs.


Pros for Weebly:-


 (1)You will get Free SSL Certificate here on this blog.


(2)This will provides a space of 500 MB which is enough for any personnel blogging.


(3)Number of useful apps for all the topic to create on commerce, communication and marketing.


(4)Speed is one of the excellent feature of Weebly it will take almost 1/40 time as compare to WordPress.



Cons for Weebly:-


(1)To create a professional blog in free plan is not advice able here as have limited storage space so you need a paid version here.


(2)Weebly placed there on ads on free plans which can be annoying to some users.






If you want to write your personal thoughts privately online just like diary or you want to write your blogging or IM or Life then it is great choice.


Here on this blogging website you have rights to post various journals on your blogs.


You can upload unlimited images as you have the unlimited storage for users.


Below are the some useful features


(1)Have features of multiple journals


(2)You have access for smart-phone


(3)Auto Logout Feature


(4)We can easily use navigation here


(5)Have auto saving feature


(6)Have other feature like Search and tagging in it.


(7)Have military grade encryption methods is inbuilt which helps in security.


(8)Have unlimited storage.


(9)Have 3 types of journals in Penzu blogging platform.

   (i)Daily Diary(Here it is open for public)

   (ii)Expressive Journal(It is private)

   (iii)Travel Journal(This is specially for traveler)



Pros for Penzu:-


(1)Penzu have some good encryption technique which makes him secure.


(2)Penzu used military grade 256-bit AES encryption to secure data.


(3)Penzu have provided fully privacy to there user by giving 100% privacy to all user entries and all the post are private by default.


(4)Penzu blogger have 2million+ user worldwide.


(5)Penzu provides user a protected interface to use journals to store your writings.


(6)You can use different apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.



Cons for Penzu:-


(1)In free plan you have don't have choice to create multiple journals.


(2)And you have to pay extra for security, reminders and journal customization which cost approx 20$ for a year.







Squarespace is another place to create free website or blogs. It is a good place to create a free blog.


Squarespace is good platform when your interested in creating some online retail store, Bloggers, musicians and some photographer blogs.


This platform have number of platform which is quite easy to use as it is look awesome.


Below are the some silent feature of Squarespace free blogging:-


(1)Contains free type-kit fonts

(2)You can add your custom CSS

(3)Have some appealing templates

(4)Have feature of built-in mobile websites

(5)Having style editor available.

(6)You can install multiple template at once.



Pros for Squarespace:-


(1)There are number of pre-built templates available which make design of your website so appealing.


(2)This have CDN enable which will reduce load times of your site as have global content delivery network.


(3)You will get all the options available when you will create online stores to marketing tools.


(4)You have option of drag and drop of objects which will provides some some easy interface where you can create pages, update and customize your site look awesome.


(5)You can import or access Google fonts so don't need any additional plugin. And you can choose any of the Google fonts from there section.


(6)One of the important feature of Squarespace is that you can install multiple templates on a single website. This feature will make this unique and useful.


Cons of Squarespace:-


(1)Paid version is available in $12 per month annually.





Yola have support for 6 main languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Yola have 12million+ user which makes it best blogging platform in world.

Pros for Yola:-

(1)Yola have different features like Google map integration, Video backgrounds, Tumblr blog application, Site statistics.

(2)Have number of templates available and have features of password protection.

(3)Number of social icon available in Yola.

(4)Yola is currently available in 6 Languages.

(5)Yola is user friendly for search engine so you can get better benefits in terms of getting more organic traffic from Google.

(6)In premium packages you have unlimited bandwidth and no need to pay extra to hosting no limit on number of visitor.

(7)Have good user interface where you can easily add features, styling and content to your site using their drag-and-drop widgets.

Cons for Yola:-

(1)There is one limitation of Yola is that you can only have 3 pages with 1 GB bandwidth and have 1 GB storage and Yola sub-domain.

(2)You will not get any support when you are in free plan.

(3)For unlimited page you need to take paid version. 


As the name express itself, Edublog is perfect blogging website for education related blogs. It is best option if you are a college student or a professor.


You can create a free blogging here or a informative website. You can create a blog like a student, teacher or as an institution for learning and education.


There are 1million+ education blogs already there on this websites. To get more details about the Edublogs click here


Pros of Edublogs:-


(1)No ads in free version.


(2)You can customize your blog by different options like change themes, backgrounds, logos and more.


(3)One of the best blogging website for education websites here you can post and create pages very easily.


(4)Have access to different plugins and some other advance features like social sharing, maps, fonts, tables, forms and many more.


(5)Have feature of privacy option and have a password protected policy.


(6)You also have upload options for File and media. Here you can easily upload videos, photos, files and pod-casts.


(7)There are almost 250+ premium themes available for free.


Cons of Edublogs:-


(1)Storage space is very much limited and you have only 1GB space for free plan.


(2)In free plan your website is not crawl by search engines. Which means you can publish content and promote your blog on social media to get traffic.Here pro plan have approx 7.95$ per month and 39.95 per year to avoid all limitations.





  Wix website  
  In Wix to create a handsome website you don't need any code writing. Designing and graphics are super-ob in Wix platform.

And without knowing any designing concept you can create a beautiful websites.

One of the silent features for Wix is that you can build a specific tools for businesses like musicians and hotels.

When i told you about the number of user you cannot imagine that this website have 103 Million of user and have approx 44,000 new users per day.

Pros for Wix:-

(1)This will covers all SEO basic settings for you.

(2)This website have 500+ professional templates which are based on latest design.

(3)Wix have full support from button everywhere and also have phone support.

(4)This blogging websites have both drag & drop website features. Which can create this website and interface so easy.

(5)This blogging site have unique mobile editor where you can edit mobile version separately from desktop version of your website.

(6)You have different app market which have number of features like live chat, newsletter, testimonial, reservation, email marketing, booking, contests, pricing tables etc.

Cons of Wix:-

(1)Every time you need to reinsert your content when you are changing your template.

(2)If you have a complex e-commerce website then it is not a good choice.

(3)Wix will place there advertisement logos on side at bottom of website once you publish your websites.

(4)To remove advertisement logo you need to buy a "Combo" premium package.


  Medium website  
Medium is one of the growing website which helps you if you want to create a stories blogs. Here you can create your account with your email-id or from your twitter account.

Pros for Medium:-

(1)Here we have secure medium servers which make Medium so popular.

(2)Your private information is kept secure using the industry standard security measures.

(3)Your posted data reach out at some good traffic.

Cons of Medium:-

(1)You don't have much control in Medium.

(2)You can't redirect Medium to WordPress.

(3)You can not choose your own design and layout for your websites.

(4)Medium can change there pricing and cancel your blog any time or can shut down.

  Ghost website  
  If you are looking for some simplest and good looking blogging you can pick Ghost.

And this is also prefer if you are looking for some advance version of WorkPress only for blogging then Ghost is best choice for you.

Have some elegant template themes is there in Ghost. Ghost does not power a wide array of websites but it is purely a blogging platform.

Pros for Ghost:-

(1)We can say its a simplest and very attractive and have some feature rich pages of whole back-end when we compare this with WordPress.

(2)It is best for beginners as it is quite simple and flexible.

(3)As it is very simple this have a separate screen for you content creation and also have option to preview the page and test that how it is looking.

Cons for Ghost:-

(1)It's new in market so don’t have so much user experience in it.

(2)It is in beta phase.

(3)Ghost only have 14 days free trial.

(4)It will not provide different plugins like WordPress blogging platform.

(5)Ghost will offers SEO setting and also have feature like social sharing in the core itself.

  Postach website  
  This is a unique blogging platform which uses the external note organizing program ever-note to create your blog posts and can manage your content.

To sign-up in this blogging website you must have Ever-note account.

Pros For Postach:-

(1)Posting and blogging is very easy with no time.

(2)There is no limitation on storage but it depends on your Ever-note account level service. Which may be limit to 60 MB of uploads per month on free.

(3)It has good content management where you can connect your blog with Discus, which will allow you to have comments on your blog.

Cons For Postach:-

(1)Postach has very limited no of customization.

(2)To enable certain feature you need some coding knowledge.

(3)You can't saw preview of your posts.

(4)You can't import from other sites.

(5)Limited number of themes.

(6)No Video and audio support available.

(7)There is no community forums available for support for Postach.

  Jimdo website  
  It is best and suitable for online shop without and hassle. Its a very light and easy free blogging platform.

If you need to save thousands of dollars for your customer websites it is best choice. And if you are not aware of coding them Jimbo is best sites.

Pros of Jimbo:-

(1)Jimbo is best suitable for small and medium sized businesses.

(2)Jimbo web pages have inbuilt features of search engine optimization.

(3)It is good if you want to know how to do coding as you have tremendous design freedom.

(4)This have feature when you are editing website there is no need to flip back and forth between editing mode and published mode.

Cons of Jimbo:-

(1)There is some template restrictions so that will cause some issue. And you can test all templates in free version.

(2)This blogger doesn't have some credit card gateway available so in paid version you need to pick another option.

(3)It doesn't provide drag and drop facility and doesn't have many option to edit the design.

Note:- As all the free blogging website are privately handled by there owner so they have all the control on there hand. There may be some issue with some free version like error 504 or 502. May be your pages can be deleted some time you will get some slowness issue, sometime you will get slowness in loading.

But this will depends upon the blogger websites. But you can test your skill and improve them on free blogging website. Best of Luck.

(B)Important Aspects about Free Blogging 

I have tried to cover all important point regarding free blogging websites.

Below are the some important facts about the free blogging websites:-

(1)Most of free blogging platform will allows you to add your content on your blog in form of blog pages and blog post. And you can easily add images, videos and some other stuff on your blog.

(2)Approx 25% of all the websites available on internet have a blog.

(3)In most of blogging websites you don't have access to plugin while creating free blog for example like Blogger. But on another hand if you are using WordPress platform this will provides you almost 20000 plugins from SEO to get Adsense earnings.

(4)One of the important facts about the blogging websites is that you don't have full control on your blog address, You will depend upon the owner of blogging websites.

(5)Owner of blogging platform can remove(delete) your free blog without any prior notice if they find anything against there term and conditions. So must read about all the term and conditions.

(6)There are only limited choices of making money with free blogs created on most of these free web hosts. With most of you cannot do much monetization wise. It will be your blog post area only where you can add links for making money.

(7)Most free blog hosts will not allow you to add (JavaScript or PHP or jQuery) code to your blog. is only exception here where you can add your code. There are lots of free blog creation sites even that used to run their own monetization widgets on your blogs and you have no control to remove them (Paying money to them will be the only option).

(8)Many of the free blog provides free space to write blogs. But this will be test once you are posting hundred of articles or blog posts on daily basis. Some of the blogging websites have some monthly limit.

(9)You can't upload a custom theme or template of your own in most of free blogging platforms. But we have platform where you can upload your own templates and also can import templates from other blogging websites.

(10)Blog post with images have 94% more visitors when we compare this with blog post without images. And 33% of genuine user ranked blogger as no 1 choice.

(11)One another facts about the blog is that 53% of blogs have a organic traffic. And only 15% is from different paid advertisements.

(12)Website that also have a blogs have approx 450% more indexed pages when compare this with other websites without blogs.

(C)Important FAQs about Free Blogging Sites

Question Answer

(1)Question:-How often should i post new content in my website or blogs( Question by Akansha)


Answer:- My answer is if you are running a small business then my advice is to post at-least 1-4 posts per week. And always publish date with your post. And it is also suggestion to maintain a consistent schedule and always try to follow the schedule to publish a new blogs. And this will helps your reader and your website performance.



(2)Question:-Do i respond all the comments or questions by user( Question by Priya Lakshmi)


Answer:-Always try to respond all comments as quick as possible. Try to take 24-48 hour of maximum response time as this will create a bond with you and your visitors.



(3)Question:-In how much time i will get good traffic on my website( Question by Tom Sutro)


Answer:-Usually if your a regular in posting articles and follow are of SEO rules then it will take at-least 6-10 months to get good traffic.



(4)Question:-How can i earn money from Blogging without any investment(Question by Atul Gupta)


Answer:-I have already mention all the free blogging about please go through above article in detail will help you earn money. Blogger and Ghost are two blogging website where you can add Adsense account to earn money. For fastest approval of adsense account click here.





(D)Conclusion of Free Blogging Creation Sites

Your aims for blog website is to determine which is the best blogging platform. Let suppose if you want to monetize your blogging site then Blogger and Ghost are the best. As you can link Adsense account to blog websites.

Joomla and WordPress are the recommended platform for advanced content management. Some of above Website are best for Mobile Apps and development. And many of them helps to build a professional websites.


  Put Your Questions  


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