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If you are searching for up-to-date SEO statistics for year 2023?

You are on right path here on this articles. And to increase traffic on website SEO is the default choice for most of the marketers and bloggers.

Should you consider SEO helps to grow business or not?

In below post you will get some more details on this and you will get some extra information which are define in below 3 lines.

  • Important SEO statistics you must aware
  • Some important aspects of SEO stats and SEO facts
  • Elucidation of important stats and more

We have added some statistics which helps your business to grow your search traffic. Now we jump into the details of technical SEO statistics without bustle


25 Astonishing SEO Statistics & SEO Facts for 2023

SEO Statitics
(1)SEO Marketing Statistics

If you are searching for SEO marketing statistics for 2023. Here in this blog you will get useful stats for markketers, SEOs and Bloggers.

(1)What do you think SEO is an effective strategy for marketers?

Here our answer is Yes, 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine.

effective strategy marketers

Key feature:-You must invest in SEO to increase traffic for your website. And try to focus on creating pillar pages and improve page speed to get advantage of more traffic. And you can also focus on creating a solid content marketing strategy to improve your rank in search engines(Google).

(2)What is the average conversion rate with SEO?

When we say about the average conversion rate with SEO, it is around 2.4% close rate. Which means in a count of 100 people come to your website, 2 to 3 will take action as per the conversion rate.

(3)Number of factors considered by Google to rank a page?

As per the "BackLinko", there are 200 odd factor which will used by google search alogorith to rank websites.

(4)Which is better PPC or SEO?

Well my answer will not helps you to make decision on this so i have add a reference of "Databox". And there survey told that 70% of marketers said that SEO is better than PPC. And another 30% of user who participate in survey said PPC is better at generating sales and traffic.

(5)Percentage of marketers optimize their photos and videos?

As i have explain in previous questions that i have taken reference of some survey conduct by top gun. Here i have taken a reference of "HubSpot" survey, which say 53% of marketers optimize their photos or videos for the visual search engine. And on another hand 49% of marketers find it to be one of their most effective strategies.

(6)Does mobile friendly site helps in ranking and sales?

Here answer is Yes, 76% of people whoc comes through search on their smartphone visit a physical place with in 24 hours and out of them 28% result in some purchase.

Local Search data SEO

Key Feature:-If your blog or website are not mobile-friedly our advice to change that to mobile friendly will increase in number of visit. This will definitely improve your visibility, search rankins and overall sales. We can advice that you can use a budget-friendly WordPress theme like GeneratePress to easily make your site mobile responsive.

(7)How much investment is made on SEO montly on a average?

As per the Moz survey on a average montly amount most business spend $5000 on SEO.

(8)How effective SEO is?

When we say about the effectiveness of SEO, 89% of marketers say SEO is effective and successful as per the survey by eMarketer. And as per survey done by HubSpot, 61% of marketers say improve in SEO is top inbound marketing priority.

(9)Number of local searches are done from mobile?

When we say about the local search, 1 out of 3 of mobile searches are related to location. And 2 in 3 smartphone user are likelier to buy branded product whose mobile apps customize information to their location.

(10)Percentage of marketers use in-house SEO tools?

As per the survey by Yahoo Finance, almost 40% of small bAs per the survey by Yahoo Finance, almost 40% of small business use in-house SEO software and tools instead of hire any of SEO expert or hiring SEO from agency.

(2)Key SEO Statistics

If you are Searching for general SEO statistics? You must know the following SEO stats.

(1)Percentage of market share does google have in web search?

As of now, online search engine like Google has a share of 87.78 percent. And folowed by bing 6 percent of global search market. And market share of Yahoo is 3%. 

SEO MArket Share

(2)Number of searches are done daily on Google?

As of current survey now on internet, Google now processes over 40,000 searches every second on average. Which means Google Process over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searched per year worldwide.

(3)Percentage of Google searches are local?

As per the survey on internet, 46% of all Google searches are local whereas 97% of search user searched online to find a local business.

Google Local Search
(4)What are the main SEO tactics are used by small businesses?

When we say about the SEO tactics fro small business, it is divided in 3 things mainly as given below:-
  • (1)Keyword research (43%)
  • (2)Technical SEO optimization (40%)
  • (3)local search optimization (37%)


SEO Tactics

(5)Does website speed matter in sales and conversions?

Yes, as per the Portent, a website which is loaded in 1 second has conversion rate 5x higher than a site which loads in 10 seconds.

Website Speed Matter

Key Aspects:-No matter which indutry you are linked with, always make sure to improve your page loading times. And faster loading have better conversion rates and also have better search rankings. Always try to choose faster web host.

(3)SEO Keyword Statistics

If you want ti boost your keyword ranking? And you are looking exclusive keyword statistics for 2023? This section will really helps you.

(1)What is the most important SEO tactic?

As per the HubSpot, more then 72% of marketers say thet "Content is King" so relevant content creation is single most effective SEO tactic.

(2)What is the average word count of top-ranking pages on Google?

When we say about the average word count of page for top-ranking is 1447 words and this is declared by Backlinko.

Average Content Word Count

Key Aspects:-
In past majority of time, long-form articles outrank shorter blog posts. If you want to rank your keywords on the first page of Google, make sure to create longer articles that are informative.

(3)Does include a keyword in URL help with high CTR?

Here answer is Yes, URLs which include a keyword have a 45% higher click rate than URL which does not have this. And as per the survey done by Backlinko found titles between 40-60 characters have the highest organic CTR.

Title Words length Percentage

(4)Update old or existing blog posts improve your keyword rankings?

Here answer is Yes! HubSpot increased the number of organic search views montly by optimizing their old posts by an average of 106%. As google always rewards fresh content. And if your content is regularly updated, wou will obviously notice a growth in your site traffic and improvement in keyword rankings.

(4)Google First Page Statistics
This is most important thing when we say about the new SEO. As they need to know how the first page websites rank on Google. Below are the first page statistics you should know.

(1)Does domain age matter in the first page rankings?

Well a good question, acording to Ahref, average first page ranking results have an average domain age of 2+ years. ANd the domain which rank # on Google is almost 3+ years old.
Page Rank As Days
Key aspects:-If you are planning to generate traffic and good lead in business. It is always recommended to purchase 3+ years of old domain obviously notice a growth in your site’s traffic and improvement in keyword rankings. You can choose expired domain website to find such domains.

(2)How many number of backlinks does the first position on Google search have?

When we say about the result on #1 has an average of 4 times more backlinks when we compare this with positions on #2 to #10 as per the backLinko.

More backLinks Positions
Key aspects:-To get rank #1 on Google search for your target keywords, make sure to focus on building relevant and high-quality backlinks.

(3)What is the average page laoding spped for Google for first page results?

According to the Backlinko study we can say that average page loading speed for a first-page result is just 1.65 seconds.

Median Result Load
Key aspects:-Although page speed is not a big ranking factor but having a faster website ALWAYS helps and gives you an edge over your competitors.

(4)What is the average CTR of rank 1 in Google search result?

When we say about the Rank 1 result from Google organic search has an average CTR of 27.6% and the Rank 1 organic result is 10 times more likely to get a click compared to page in rank 10 spot as per the Backlinko. Below is the breakdown of the average CTR of Google first 10 search results.

Organic Search CTR
Rank 1 position gets the share of over 27% and rank 10 gets just around 2.4% of all the clicks from Google.

(5)What percentage of Google clicks have HTTPS?

As per the survey by MozCast data, 99% of google search results have HTTPS. And this is advice to you to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Https Search Result

(6)What is the percent of clicks on search results lead to featured snippets in Google?

As per the survey by MozCast, 7.4% of search results contain Google featured snippets.

Featured Snippets
Key Aspects:-If you want to improve search rankins, Always make sure to optimize your website for Google Featured snippets. Featured snippets often provide users with a quick answer to their search query or topic.

Final thoughts on search engine:-
As per the survey on SEO industry, it is growing rapidly as more business added SEO to there business to grow there business online for sales.

Due to SEO new opportunities for businesses to get ahead of their competitors. That is why we suggest you to keep eye on latest trend and SEO statistics is very important.

We hope you will get some important information on above articles.

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