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Nowadays there is constant evolution in standard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And on each and every day social media, search engines, and the new age-technology (AI) enchance the way they provide results ti users.


And when rating of SEO blogs is concern there are lot of subjectivity involved with emphasis on page authority, localization, click-through rate, and even voice assistant searches like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?  


Top Famous Blog


And to help you more on the better marketer, we have collected a list of Top 30 SEO blog accessiable today.


(1)The Moz Blog


When we say about the "Search Engine Marketing" and "Digital Marketing" in Moz Blog, there are number of industry experts who are working on this and they provide a abundance on advance SEO knowledge along with deeper understanding of your target audience. Experts provides articles on daily basis with their finest research, how-tos, and experience to help you uplift benefits in marketing and digital marketing.



(2)SEL (Search Engine Land)


When we say about the SEL, is best for analysis and aquiring knowledge on search engines. SEL helps digital marketer by updating fresh content everyday on their websites and with exciting SEO topics. When we say about the number of post in a month SEL will publish 135 post in month on a average.





When we say about the Distilled, here you will get everything about SEO. And when we say about the topic on this website we have every thing from video marketing and zero-click searches to copywriting resources. Here team use SEO blogs as a conversational platform to give insights and ideas on digital marketing. And when we say about the post on a average they will post 5 articles in a month on a average length of 1700+ words. -


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(4)Search Engine Roundtable


Search Engine Roundtable is an SEO news website. They post lots of short post which aptly serve the purpose to update SEO community on the search activities. SERoundtable accepts contributions from the search community by letting the team know about interesting news in a search marketing forum thread. And when we say about the average post, SERoundtable will publish 5-6 post per day.




(5)Neil Patel


Most popular Neil Patel and his team will covers all aspects of marketing and all latest topics on SEO. In this blogs they will offers very intersing videos and blog entries. In this Blogs they provide exclusive tips and tactics along with fascinate digital marketing videos. Content in their blogs are very easy to read as they are using informal writing skill. And also helps to build your website organically.




(6)SEJ(Search Engine Journal)


SEJ is top most site on internet which provides up-to-date SEO information to all digital marketers. Search Engine Journal basically covers every part of SEO from link building to Latest algorithm update by one of best search engine Google. This site comprises most common topics ranging from content marketing to enterprise SEO to keyword research.






This is best and pouplar blog for single author(Brian Dean). This is one of the leading site who deals with SEO and link building tactics to present up-to-date information. And this website also helps in analysis of current ranking determinants. All suggestions from Brain will helps to produce tangible results on websites.




(8)Google Search Central


If you planning to be experts in search marketing industry, then you must know how search engines work. And here Google seach central helps, this is also formerly known as Google Webmasters. And this will also update the Marketers with latest news and events, and helps in different SEO topic and pratical tips.




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(9)SEMrush Blog


When we say a top authentic inventory of digital marketing knowledge you are on right place. It is one of the top blog these days. Which also offers affililate to earn money. And this blog daily post offers different on different topics like PPC, content marketing, SEO, social media, app development, voice search, and more. This blogs also offers other updates just like tactical ideas, and guides assist with various parts of SEO and insights into certain categories. Some more details on SEMrush.






Here i have represent a top 30 Blog list all of them have popular blogs. And Ahrefs is one of them. And this blog is crammed with articles about link building, SEO, Blogger outreach and other topics to expand website reach. And this blog is best for beginner marketer who are looking for SEO advice.






This website is best for user who are intersted in local and the mobile search. The site will offers informative and practical tips and techniques from the local as well as mobile search industry.


(12)Search Engine Watch


Search Engine Watch (SEW) is best blogs if you are intersted in gudies and the new items. And here marketer professional offers 29 pieces published every month, whcich conclude recommendations, industry news, issues, and analysis. They also cover Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major web indexes and events refreshes.


(13)SEO Book


If you are intersted in latest SEO tools, it is one of the ultimate hub for reviews. If you are intersted in depth analysis of search engines changes and up-to-date search engine industry news. This website will offers plentiful tips on different topics like competitive research, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building and much more to help the beginners with internet marketing. Here we have number of top famous SEO Book.



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If you are intersted in optimization of your website then Yoast is good choice, this will offers good optimization training and integration tool. Here on this blogs you will get some good SEO strategies and some good user experience. The primary purpose of Yoast is to make SEO understandable to everyone, by using range of information avaialble on this blog. And to Start a Blog you can view other articles available on this website.




(15)John Battelle's Search Blog


When we say about the John Battelle, he is co-founder of famous magazine "WIRED" and a pioneer in search engine marketing. His blogs covers search and many more objects. And these other fields are search engines, big tech and cryptocurrency. Battelle also offers insight and knowledge benefits to everyone in field of SEO.




(16)Website Optimization Book


This website offers different features like search engine research, online business advice, advertising tips, and also offers comprehensive examination of web development from an algortihm, distribution and action plan perspective. This blog also helps in important aspects of SEO elements with an insider preparation program to assist in increasing search traffic.




(17)Tubular Insights


Tabular insights is the best choice if you are intersted in getting more about the impact of internet video on search engine optimization. This blogs is majorly assists in monetizing your video content either your are a publisher, advertising, or marketer.



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(18)Diggity Marketing

This blog is founded by Matt Diggity. In this blog he offers some good ideas and advice based on test findings. And this is very popular among his audience. His ideas and tip are unique. He puts his concepts to the test and reports on what works and what will not work.


When we say about the importance of Copyblogger is irrefutable. And this blog will covers best SEO pratices that you should know to create a sonctent to engages with audience. Here target is to help you create content that is compelling, thereby catching your audiences attention.


Biznology is a JEM's digital magazine and famous learning platform. This blog will mainly focus on issues releated to search engine optimization. Some time before this blog they are laying more emphasis on content marketing as well as its connection to SEO on different levels.

(21)SEO by the Sea

This SEO portal is founded by Marketer Bill Slawski. He is SEO professional and delves deep in search engine and bring you up-to-date news and analysis of the current ranking factors. This site evaluate various Google patents and white papers, making it an excellent resource for learning about what search engines.

(22)Gotch SEO

Gotch SEO is best book you must read all of its blog. And if you are looking for true SEO strategies then this is best blog. And if you are looking for areas like link building, content creation and site optimization its a best choice. This blog will helps number of companies to improve their search engine rankings.

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To get a daily tips on SEO, DailySEOBlog is best option. This blog will offers you tips, advice and ideas to aid with search engine optimization plan in pratical ways.


Hobo-web is founded by Shaun Anderson. And if you are intersted in something easy content then this blog is best choice. He is not update frequently but once he post the post exceed the 5,000 word or more.

(25)Lion Zeal Blog

Lion Zeal Blog author name is Daryl Rosser. By the information of this blog "N" number of agencies, company, conusltants and other organization have take benefits in area of digital marketing strategy.

(26)Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is world's major content marketing and training providers to improve the content marketing. And to assist you in completing your content marketing strategy, the blog contains number of articles and resources from different authors on various themes related to SEO and digital marketing.

(27)Matthew Woodward

When Matthew Woodward launch his blog in year 2012 and his aims is to see whether he could accomplish SEO without building a link. And nowadays he publish detailed posts, articles, and lessons which break down SEO into expressive pieces for anyone to comprehend and also shares videos that show how to execute various SEO tactics.

(28)cognitiveSEO Blog

In year 2010 Razvan Gavrilas has started this blog. And if you are intersted in cutting-edge SEO methods then this blog is best choice. This blog will also helps you to boost your search engine results page (SERP) rating. Author has written this blogs in impressive style and used some effective pictures which makes your point clear and strightforward.

(29)Robbie Richards

This blog produce some lengthy articles(12K+ words on average). And this artcles will guide you to boost traffic and user impact on your website. This blogs helps you in developing a successful SEO Blogs plan, from concepts to competition analysis and keyword research.

(30)Seer Interactive Blog

Seer Interactive Blog is specialist in SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per click) and analytics. And this blog will also covers SEO, Google Analytics and sponsored marketing, among other topics.

Nowadays demand and scope of SEO is increasing and evolves rapidly. So it is always essential to keep up with the latest articles, tips and relevant trends. If you are reading this post, you are well aware of the fact that content marketing is crucial in SEO performance. We have posted 30 most popular blogs whihc helps you to gain enough knowledge and acuqire right tool. We hope this will boost your traffic and your reach to the visitors.
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