What is SEO Article Why We should Write and How?

  Just think that you have written some good article and you think you have done your best to create that article. But you should also think that wheather it should compete with the million of articles available on web with same topic? In this post we will explain you, how can you boost your articles. And how your topics comes in top search on search engine. Now i will jump to the topic.

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What is an SEO Article?
Why you write an SEO Article?
  1. Google exists due to Content
  2. Google algorithm is smarter no
  3. Rank in search can impact your revenue
  4. Attach your expertise and authority on a topic
5. Delight your intended audience
  6. Beat your competition in the search results
How can you write and SEO Article?
  1. Define the document specs
  2. Create expertly written content
  3. Use SEO tools
  4. Research keywords
  5. Identify and analyze the competition
  6. Optimize the content in your SEO article
  7. Review the content
  8. Track your performance
Compete Better in Search Results
FAQ-Key steps to optimize an SEO article?
  What is an SEO Article?  
  Well article is a blog post or we can say it's a piece of content. And this article is page on your website with some unique URL. Well if you write some good SEO article, this will educates, helps and entertains the audience which you are targeting with your quality and expertise. And you can also optimize SEO article for the search engines to get a better chance to stay on Page 1 of the search results. In another words we can also say that SEO articles are mainly written to enjoy the visibility on search engine for your business for some important keywords. And most of the SEO experts write articles for readers and for search engines.  

  Why you write an SEO Article?  
  write and SEO Article  
  Well below are the six main reason why should we write an SEO article:-

(1)Google exists due to Content
When we create a articles/blog on website this is being indexed by Google and Google store that articles in there store. And whenever any visitor on web will performs some search, the search engines will analyzes visitor query and then matches the most relevant indexed items from there store and return that information to browser. So without these webpages, search engines like google will not have anthing to display the visitor some search results. So here Google Search engine indexing comes into the picture.

(2)Google algorithm is smarter now
Well you must optimize your SEO Article so that, article will helps every search engines to understand the what the topic is about. And for better understand you can view Google Webmaster Guidelines. And once you optimize your articles, then this will increase a chance to considered and show up on the first page of search results. SEO is helping search engine to better understand the content and to do this we will recommended every one to view.
--Google, Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
  Google Algorithm  
(3)Rank in search can impact your revenue

Well on a average organic search will drives more than 50% of traffic to website. And the verge is about 64% for B2Bs. And when we say about the revenue, here 59% of revenue is based on the organic serach.

(4)Attach your expertise and authority on a topic
Well search engines like Google will add more values on websites with high expertise and authority. And if you have added a well-written articles is key ways to demonstrate this. And a high quality pages and website also need a expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.

(5)Delight your intended audience
Well a delight SEO Article will result in things like more time on your site, return visits to your site, other content will also reviewed by the visitors. Well content is always work as a king and creating useful and compelling content will always influence your website more than the other factors. And audience allways like good content and they likely to share it with other users. And that sharing can be through social media services, email, blog posts and through forum. Here Organic or word-of-mouth buzz always helps you to build your reputation in market.

(6)Beat your competition in the search results
A well optimized articles uses data to make it better. And to find out what the top-ranked content is doing on the same topic. Then, you can meet or exceed it. Will helps you to beat your competition on the search results.

  How can you write and SEO Article?  
  Well to write a SEO Articles, you must taken care of below two points:-

  • (1)A professional writer and a subject matter expert
  • (2)SEO tool which can provide the data which you need to optimize the content.

Below are the eight key step to write an SEO article.

(1)Define the document specs
Well most important aspects when you about the start your articles you must specify your articles facts such as the Meta Title, Meta Description, Topic, Target Keywords and URL. And on top of every articles create a table whcih should contain the key details for the new content. And this table will helps you to organize all the details of a well optimized article before you start writing.

(2)Create expertly written content
Well when we say about the Page 1 search result by Google, Google will always consider the element of expertise to show the result. And reason behind is that Google always wants it users to be satisfied with search results. And if you display the quality result on Page 1 then, it will keeps your audience happy. So always before writing make sure that you must follow one from below list:-

  • An expert editor
  • Writing ability or a professional writer
  • Subject matter expertise or a interview of a sybject matter expert

Well to understand this we will take an example, if you are a subject matter expert but your skill in writing are not good or you are not confident, then you can hire a ghostwriter or an editor. And if you are a good writer then always make sure that you have access to a subject matter expert to help you craft the piece.

Well below are two main advice while writing content:-

(1)Authoritativeness and expertise of a website or blog will always increase its quality. And always be sure that content on your website is edited or created by people who are expert in that topic.

(2)Established consensus in pages on scientific topics always a good pratice if such consensus exists. As audience or visitor will always enjoy content if your content is well writtent and easy to follow.

Must Avoid below two things

  • Always avoid awkward or poorly written data.
  • Always avoid to write sloppy text with grammatical or spelling mistakes.

(3)Use SEO tools

Many of the professional writers are not well trained in SEO, so to be a master of SEO article can be domineer. And there are multiple SEO tools exists which can helps writers to easily optimize your content. For example we will take example of WordPress SEO plugins which helps the content creators to get SEO data before, during, and after the writing process. Here articles are optimized with best practices for any specific search query.

(4)Research keywords
You will get details about your visitor, like what they are searching in search bar to reach your website or blogs. You will get some good details on SEO Starter Guide and information of basics of keyword research:-
  • You should think about the words which user can search to find a piece of content exists on your websites.
  • And some user are smart enough and have good knowledge and there searching is different.
And keyword in there search are very specific to the topic. Well in above two point we will take an example, a well known user will search "IPL"(Indian Premier League) as he knows the shortform. And there is another user who is not well known with name IPL and he search some thing like "Indian Doemstic cricket".

So you must anticipate these differences in search behavior and account for them while writing your content which will produce a positive results. So as per the above example you must have one primary search term to optimize your article with up to two secondary keyword phrases.

Does that it means you have to use more than one? well no. But sometime it can be advanced strategy for some business. Well if you write an articles which is naturally optimized when you write it. This is beauces you have write enough words on a subject and the words you use will describe the content well. So the question arise why to optimize? And answer is to help your great content to better compete in the search results. And when you use specific keyword queries in your content, then this will signal to Goole that your content is more relevant to the searcher query other than other content available on another websites.

(5)Identify and analyze the competition
When we say about the competition, well your competition basicaly consists of the top-ranked pages for you keywords that you choose on your pages. And these pages are those on which you are vying for attention in the search results. Once you have decide your keywords you can begin a competitve analysis. And by using the right SEO Tool you will find which pages are ranking in top spots on Google on your search query. And some tools really helps you to exmines your competitions and presents data such as:-

  • The title tag and Meta Description length
  • Total word count to aim for
  • Number of times a keyword is used
  • The readability score of your SEO article compared to the top-ranked webpages

(6)Optimize the content in your SEO article
And at step 6, you have the both things Keywords and Well writtent article. Now next step is to optimize. This is always a advice to add keywords to show up naturally in the content. So here first step is to find where you might able to switch up a few words or phrases with you key terms. Below are some key rule to optimize the content in your SEO article:-

(1)Always make sure that your article are reads well. If you are trying to slap your keywords in your old place with regard to grammer which can make your article will not look spammy in Google.

(2)Well another important rule is to optimize your content for visitor or users first not search engines. Always try to design your site around your visitor need. And also make sure that your site is easily accessible to search engines usually produces the positive results.

(3)And try to avoid adding numerous unnecessary keywords. As these keywords will be annoying or nonsensical to the users. As per the above information we can say that your keyword is to be evenly distributed throughout the content from top to bottom.

(7)Review the content
Will this point will depend on the size of your organization or circumstances, you will need an editorial and SEO review before your in process of publishing your article. So that it will be double check that your article is well written, errors free and follow the gudielines of Google. And if your a website which is allowing the guest post, you should check the same standard as the content you produce in your website. If you are not doing this they this will have a serious implications for the quality of your site. And some time a wrong article by guest will be harmfull for your website and get hit with a manual penalty from google.

(8)Track your performance
It is always a adviceable not to use write and forget approach. You will always track the performance of the article that you have publish in past. With the help of WordPress SEO plugin and Google Analytics, you have option to view the SEO article performance in the search. And you can view below main things in these analytics tools:-
  • Number of Page Views
  • Average time on Page by visitor
  • Queries which bring search traffic to that SEO article.
With the data from analytics details you will get the below things from analytics data:-

(1)Update the contnet with new, more relevant keywords

(2)Learn what working and what is not working in comparison with yout other SEO articles.

  Performance Graph  

  Compete Better in Search Results  
  If you have write a quality, search optimized articles for readers and for search engines. Then there is great chance of getting on Page 1 in search results.

And there are several reason, why you need to optimize article.

To get more traffic to your site from the organic search results. And by using the right process and tools, you are on the way to win lots of traffic.

  FAQ-Key steps to optimize an SEO article?  
  As i have used one line "Content is King" but it is only a half battle. Write content in such way that Search engines will easily find your content and rank highly to be effective online. Below are the essential steps to optimize your SEO article. We have added two liner for each points.

(1)Keyword Selction and Research
You will start SEO journey with producing keyword research. And lots of tools available on web like Google Keyword Planner will helps you uncover valuable insights.

(2)Content Creation
When you craft a well structured article outline which also incorporates you selected keywords. And this will ensure your content flows logically and naturally while including essential keywords.

(3)High Quality Content
Always add valuable, engaging and informative content which will answer your audience questions. And we can say quality content is the foundation of SEO success.

(4)On-Page SEO
Well when we say about the on-page SEO this will inclues important factors like title tags, headers and met descriptions. And always include primary keyword and avoid keyword stuffing.

(5)Optimization of Image
It is also important factor for SEO and if your article will includes images. And you can do this by using a descriptive file names and add alt text.

(6)Linking(Internal and External)

Try to add relevant internal links to other pages on your website and high quality external links to authoritative sources. This will boost your SEO rankings.

(7)Mobile Optimization

Well we have an era of Mobile browsing, be ensure that article is responsive and mobile friendly. Mobile friendly content always helps in ranking.

(8)Page Speed Optimization
Well a slow loading page can impact SEO and deter users. You can use different tools like Google PageSpeed Insight to remove the speed issues.

(9)Publish and Promote

Once your article is well written and published on your website, post it and share it on social media to target your audience.

(10)Monitor and Adjust
SEO is always a running ongoing process. You need to continuously monitor your articles performance by using analytics tools like Google analytics. And you can change your strategy according to the data.

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