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Top 11 Characteristics of a Good Domain Name for your website


When we say about the Internet Market these days it has been flooded with websites, And when come to choosing best domain for a website is found to be much more difficult than naming a child name these days.


With more then million of domains already been registered on the Internet, and when we are going to find the best name for new site is getting painful with each passing day. But as they say, there is no shortage of ideas if you have a different perspective.


You only need a different name and you do not worry about the to get better domain than any other site.


While desiging a website the typical stage is to search the domain name, as it not only represents your site before public, but also provides for a better optimization in search engines. We will try to share some good point to help you to pick a good domain name whcih aid you to build up your website efficiently.


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Below are must have characteristics of a good domain name

  (1)Trdaemarked or Copyrighted
  (2)Keep it Short and Smart
  (3)Easy To Remeber
  (4)Perfect match with site niche
  (5)Easy to Spell
  (6)No Hyphens and Numbers
  (7)Rid of Spelling Mistakes
  (8)Make them Brand able
  (9)Magic Number is Useless Here
  (10)Use the Right Extension ".com".

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(1)Trdaemarked or Copyrighted
  When we say about the most established brands and enterprises trademark or copyright words which are associated with their business. So once we find the perfect name for our domain, we should check whether some company has legal rights over it or not.

Your small time will save you from future legal issue which can lead you to change the domain name causing significant optimization complications.

For this we can also consult an attorney to guide you through the name selction process and help you omit all the names which are subject to intellectual property issues.

(2)Keep it Short and Smart
  A short crisp names is always better then long string word as it is easy to remember the name. If we choose shorter names visitor can have no hassle to type it withou spelling errors.

And you would be surprised to know that there are some domain which have 3-4 letters and even some domain name have 5 letter which are stand on the verge of extinction.

And the demand for these long names is not just a coincidence, but developers understand the importance of a short domain name. A domain name always works best if it is kept under 10 letters and always try not to keep it exceed length 20.

(3)Easy To Remeber
  As the topic describe itself, and point is that the name ensure that visitors can recall the domain name after visit the website once. So for this name should always be easy to remember.

And to understand this we will take a example of some domain name like "" is bigger then "" but at leaset MobileRepair is most remembrance. And shortname is useless here as bigname is easy to remember.

Latter are not only long and dull, but also hard to remember. Only one wrong letter, and the visitor would land up on a completely different page, and the next thing he would do is to give priority to any other site over your portal.

So it is great way to avoid probable spelling errors is by taking a domain name that your visitors can easily spell.

(4)Similar to site niche
  Name of domain should be as per the content in the domain like we have "BloggerGiants" it is sites for blogger. If you take a domain name "" and you have a website for laptop reviews. You must be smart enough while making yousr selection, So that user must knows what he will browsing when he/she open up your site.

You must smart enough to choose the appropriate name so that you can get both national and international traffic.

(5)Easy to Spell
  You should avoid probable spelling errors as it will be not useful for visitor as they spell something else. And if you fail to keep the name significantly short always ensure it should be simple and most searchers would know. If you have choose a name like "" here visitor will not able to type spelling of this. So alwasy choose someting which is appealing yest simple.

(6)No Hyphens and Numbers
  Some time we are not able to get the domain name that is really suitable to us. SO some people go with Hyphen option. This pratice make sense, but is not appreciable in past times. Some time Hyphenated domain names seem easy but they do not arouse the same curiosity as other single word domain names do.

And when we use numbers in domain name some time it will create confusion. And people debate between spelling them and writing their numerical forms.

If you are not getting something of your choice, you can try for a similar version with an extra “s” at the like..

(7)Rid of Spelling Mistakes
  To understand this i have taken an example of domain name is "" which actaully referred to "Bloggers Giants" i got the completely wrong. And to solve this we have added hyphen in their domain name. AS people usually writes "" and s with Blogger make confusion here. You must be careful that you do not find yourself down in any similar looking pit.

And by using unusual spelling errors for common words would only confuse people. Try not to add space in domain name. And donot use phrases which might read differently once joined together.

(8)Make them Brand able
  Top brands with no meaning in dict/ionary like Google, Orkut, Omegle and Ibibo are the known by everyone who is doing on internet. This will prove how smething creative can appeal to the interests of the visitors. And this will help us to setting of the brand image.

(9)Magic Number is Useless Here
  When we say about the Website name suggestions we will not allow to use numbers and there is big no. And use of words is also not a good idea as well. SO inlcuding numbers is not considered a good choice.

And for understand this we will take a example of website name "" and this website will make a great confusion like someone hear "" or "" here 2 is confusion as "to" or "two". And no visitor will try 2 or more option to get that.

(10)Use the Right Extension ".com"
  .COM is always the best choice and to understand this we will take an example of website "" but ".com" is not available so in place of that some user try for ".info", ".us", "" etc.

Country specific extensions restrict the flow of visitors to your site, and a few others like “.info” are considered to be spam links by most of the online users.

In year 2022 there almost 152 million domain names are registered.

Note:-As per all above points if you followed all of above and select a domain name. So once you read all you will get your dream domain name. And there is another fact is that stock might be getting empty soon, but just like there is no limit to new ideas, and there is no limit to creativity, similarly, there is no limit to different thoughts. Good developers, designers, and writers do not do different things, but they surely do the same thing differently.

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