URL Inspection API Launch by Google Search Console

Date:-08 Feb 2022 WrittenBy:- Rajeev Chugh

Google has recently launched a new API for the Search Console which is URL Inspection API. Google has added some program in API which lets you interact with URL Inspection Tool. Before this you need to manually interact with  Google Search Console.

  URL Inspection API  

All of SEO’s and developers are very excited for this new API launched by Google. This API provide SEO a good information which provides helps in technical SEO analysis and debugging. Some of the professional SEO has all ready created a free new tool which interact this data like Crawling etc.


To access the URL Inspection API click here. And the response from the API also helps to get the index status, Rich Results, AMP and the mobile usability of the URL.


But one important aspects of API is there is quota which limits you 2000 queries per day and and 600 queries per minutes. So due to this limitation you cannot run this API on daily basis if your site has thousands pages. But it is best for short websites till now who can run this on daily basis and after a new change they applied.


This API helps SEO tools and platform to integrate Google Index Coverage information or we can say this API will helps third-party applications to access bulk information from single URL. And will helps to get the below information like:-

(1)Mobile Usability Status


(2)Last Crawling Time


(3)Google Selected Canonical URL


(4)Sitemaps Inclusion


(5)Crawlability and Index-ability Status


(6)Identified Structured Data for Rich Results Eligibility.

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